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101 - May 2012


Tablet Computers and the iPad  

iPad Apps

100 - April 2012

Creating Vintage Images - Old Look Photos 

Monochrome Photography

Monochrome Effect Filters 




Soft Images 


Lightfield Camera or Plenoptic Camera  

88 - April 2011

Taking a Pinhole Gallery

86 - February 2011

Photographing Water

Water Frozen In Time

81 - September 10

County Codes

Local History

Comparative Photography and Speed Cameras

Then and Now Photography

Where to Get Old Prints From  

How to Photograph Old Prints

How to Find Locations

John Constable Painting Locations

80 - August 2010


Romans on Anglesey

79 - July 2010


What are Lighthouses For  

The Development of Lighthouses

Lighthouse Structure

Lighthouse Lights   

Photographing Lighthouses

Trinity House  

Northern Lighthouse Board  

Commissioners of Irish Lights

History of Lighthouses in Ireland

Staying in or by a Lighthouse

78 - June 2010

Traffic Free Photography

Roman Frontiers    

Hadrian's Wall  

Antonine Wall

77 - May 2010

Isle of Wight, Hampshire


76 - April 10

Animal Behaviour

Hides and camouflage

Fotomate sliding plate 

Phottix  - Hector  

Flash diffuser - lambency 

Flash diffuser - lambency compared 

Does the 3D future start tomorrow, or is it already here?

75 - March 10

3D Photography - An Introduction 

3D Photography Types

Taking 3D Images with One Camera 

Taking 3D Images with 2 Cameras 

3D Photography Stereo Base

Stereo Base Look Up Table 

Stereo Base Look Up Table  (PDF Version)

Software to Make 3D Images

3D Viewers for Side by Side Images

Lenticular Images

3D Pulfrich Effect  

3D ColorCode  

Making 3D Anagraph or Anachrome Glasses (Project)

Taking a 3D Still Life (Project)

Taking a 3D Garden Shot  (Project)

3D 2 Camera Portraits with Flash (Project)

74 - February 10

Setting Your Rate Card 

Suggested Minimum Rates for Photographers 

72 - December 09


71 - November 09

Industrial Heritage

Anchor Points and The European Route of Industrial Heritage

The Industrial Revolutions  

Technological Developments in the Industrial Revolution

Transport in the Industrial Revolution 

Nikon Movies on a DSLR - Effects of Settings Chosen 

70 - October 2009

Introduction to DSLR photography

Teaching yourself photography

69 - September 09


Exposure required and Sunny 16 rule   

Exposure with an Exposure Meter  

Zone Systems Photography

EV and the EV Table 


Shutter Speed


Comparative Table of ISO, ASA , DIN and GOST 

68 - August 2009

Wildlife Photography in August

Project - Must See Places  

Composing Photographs - Introduction

Developing the Eye - The Use of Mirrors

Framing Up the Image - The Use of Framing Tools

Calculating Cut-Outs (extra information)

Guidelines On Viewing Guide (extra information)

 Expanding the Techniques - Combining mirrors and cut-outs

World Heritage Sites

World Heritage Sites - Further Information

67 - July 2009

Photographing Historic Houses   

The Heritage Takeover  

National Trust and Photographers   

What would Beatrix Potter think of the National Trust

Can Flash Damage Anything  

Landscape Photography

Photographing Pictorial Landscapes

Depth of Field (DOF) Explained

Application of Depth of Field 

Wildlife Photography in July 

66 - June 2009

Macro Photography

Close-up Lenses 

Tubes & Bellows


Canals for photographers  

Wildlife photography in June 

Photographing Woodpeckers

Introducing Slicing

Depth of Field Magic  (Project)

What we can do with Helicon Focus

Capturing Slices with a Nikon DSLR

Slices - Coins

Slices - Chips

Slices - Red flower

65 - May 2009

Introduction to Studio and Flash Lighting  

Studio Lighting - The Parts  

Mains Flash  

Nikon Creative Lighting  

Cool-Lite's Explained  

Lastolite HiLite  

Lastolite KickerLite and UpLite - working together  

Lastolite KickerLite

Lastolite UpLite

Lastolite Ezybox and Ezybox Hotshoe  

Lastolite TriFlector  


Home made reflector project   

Home made diffuser project  

Wildlife Photography May 


Roman Numerals   

64 - April 2009

Castles of Wales

How To Photograph a Castle

Castle terminology explained  

Castles in use

Wales - a potted history 

Images of castles from the past  

Experimental photography

Pinhole Cameras

A pinhole for your DSLR

Using a pinhole to simulate the rising front on a camera

Using a pinhole to Get a zoom/wide angle effect 

Pringle tube pinhole camera 

Pinhole cameras - further information  

Pinhole Kit MK3

Pinholes from the Pinhole Factory

Pinhole Adaptor

Wildlife photography in April  


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