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Lastolite UpLite

The purpose the UpLite servers is to reflect light so as to fill shadows from below. It could be shadows under the chin or shadows caused by arms, bags being carried or the presence of other people.

Although Lastolite don't mention it anywhere, the Uplite can connect together with the Lastolite KickerLite, we have found that they do and can be used together extending the use of the KickerLite to being a multi angle soft box. See Lastolite KickerLite and UpLite to see how we connected them.

The KickerLite serves a similar purpose but is not normally adjustable, but is a softbox producing light from below.


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The Uplite is two double sided 4ft by 3ft reflector panels, giving a choice of reflector surfaces, that connect together at the long or short edge using a Velcro strip and have a device that clips to the opposite edges allowing it to be set at your choice of angle. A black stretch over plastic cover goes over the surface that will be on the ground to keep the lower reflector clean. The reflectors can be used on their own and we have found that one reflector, the Velcro joining strip and angle mechanism can be added to a Lastolite KickerLite to expand its use.

There are two versions of the UpLite, one termed warm and the other cool, with two of the reflector surfaces changing. For some reason they did this by changing one on each reflector, where it would have been more logical for the surfaces that change to have been on a single reflector, as this would have allowed them to offer a single reflector upgrade.

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Cool set is Sunlite/SoftSilver and silver/white (shown above).

Warm set is sunfire/silver and gold/white.

Sunlite and sunfire are both gold and silver striped surfaces, with sunlite the silver strip is wider than the sunfire (the gold one). SoftSilver is a silver and white striped surface.

It comes in a bag, and the reflectors are the spring type that fold down to a third of their normal size. It takes only minutes to put together and take apart.

Having the ability to set it at any angle and to use in the upright or view modes makes this very useful. The joining means using the soft part of the Velcro in the reflector and having a double sided hard side on the stripe works, but this could be improved by simply having a piece of material that also goes around the edge and Velcro's to the upper and lower surface, I may make something up for this.  Putting the black cap on is nearly impossible on your own, as one end springs off while you are attempting to get the other side on.  I have added a few clothes pegs to my kit and overcome this.

This is a useful piece of kit, reflectors are always difficult to get where you want them and this overcomes many of these problems.

Reflectors can be used on their own >>

<< kit out of the bag

Assembled in view format >>

<< Assembled in portrait format and at a high angle


Black shower cap over the surface to go on the ground >>

<< Used in view format, this model can be lit with one soft box

Showing setup for the photo on the left (flash also used here) >>

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Note:- The models used on this page are all Girlequins, not real people, but special life sized mannequins used for training photographers.

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