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  • Locations to take a look at:-
    • North Meadow National Nature Reserve, Cricklade, Wiltshire

    • Criccieth Castle, Caernarfonshire
    • New Lanark Cotton Mill Village, Lanarkshire, Scotland

    • The Hardman Photographic Studios, Liverpool
    • Bressingham Steam and Gardens, Norfolk
    • Geevor Tin Mine, Pendeen, Cornwall

    • The Ridgeway Path, Wiltshire
  • Local Projects :-
    • Photographing Public Events
    • Photographing Garden Birds
    • Photographing Your Local Park
  • Photographers Diary updated for April and May 2017 events added including:-
    • World Pinhole Photography Day, Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race, Grand National, Sharrow Lantern Festival, London Harness Horse Parade, Bolney Pram Race, Shakespeare's Birthday Parade, St Georges Day, London Marathon, Jack in the Green, Urchfont Scarecrow Festival, IWA Canalway Cavalcade, Jousting Tournament, Truckfest Peterborough and many more.......
    • Nature and Wildlife you can photograph during April includes: Capercaillie, Badgers, Holly Blue Butterfly, Cuckoo, Long Tailed Tit, Red Admiral Butterfly, Tadpoles, Great Crested Crebe, Cowslips, Snakes Head Fritillary, Primroses, Orchids, plus more.....
  • Teach Yourself Photography and Experimenting:-
    • Understanding Exposure
    • Macro Photography
    • Understanding Shutter Speed and Aperture
    • Photographing Gardens and Flowers

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Photographers Resource as the name suggests, was originally a website developed to provide a wide range of information for photographers. Much of the information however is relevant to a far wider audience, including all those who enjoy going out, visiting places or seeing all types of places and events. On top of this Photographers Resource has a range of specialist sections covering a range of topics, and these often have more coverage than anything available elsewhere, so many of our regular users are not photographers specifically but a wide range of people with special interests, and those who just enjoy the opportunity to find out, in one place, a lot about a range of topics.

Each month, we change over the photographers diary that shows events of all types that photographers and others may wish to visit all over the UK. Throughout the month we add articles, lists and new location guides. We also have picture galleries devoted to some places and subjects. Regularly we continually update and expand specific subjects.

Unlike printed magazines, that run for a week or month, we don't have a space limit so can produce large indexes of places, and the information introduced in Photographers Resource is always available, updated and fully indexed in a range of ways.

All information is free and no registration is required.

The Photographers Free Resource

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and if you like, also help expand it.

Our doorways allowing direct entry to specific interest areas:-

Monthly Updates (the normal entry point for most people.)

See also the Sections available from the left bar at the main Photographers Resource page.

This resource is based around a number of sections

  • Location guides, with details, grids, links etc, all indexed by topic, alphabetically and by county.
  • Galleries with collections of pictures.
  • Route Guides and other specialist pages.
  • Lists by topic often within a county, allowing you to find so much more to see.
  • A monthly and future diary system to tell you about a very large number of events, and activities that are on, that you might like to visit or photograph.
  • A reference section with everything from mapping and weather to comparison information.
  • A number of articles, covering topics to photograph, photographic techniques and more.

Make use of it

  • When you like, to find specific information.
  • Take a look regularly.
  • Look at back issues, at any time, from our 'Recent Editions' button.

Join in if you like, and help us to grow this even faster. You can help by:-

  • Writing new location guides, we have grids, guides and other information available to help you, or if you prefer just give us information via an email.
  • Testing out location guides.
  • Supplying photos to assist us to show others what is at locations.
  • Writing articles on topics of interest, like introducing a subject or topic area, a photographic related item or some other relevant item.
  • Developing or expanding a portal based on another country.
  • Helping others to find out about this free resource.
  • Suggest another way.

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3D Photography * Pinhole Photography * Photographic Lighting and Reflectors * Photography Filters

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