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100 - April 2012

Early Photo Sizes 

List of Film Sizes

Cross Reference of Films  

81 - September 10

County Code List 

Record Offices

Photography Timeline

Then and Now Locations 

Derbyshire Then and Now Locations 

Somerset Then and Now Locations 

John Constables Painting Locations Then and Now

79 - July 2010

Featured List of Lighthouses - England and Wales  

List of Minor Lighthouses and Lights - England and Wales  

78 - June 2010

Hadrian's Wall - Featured Places

77 - May 2010

Significant Islands in the British Isles

71 - November 09

Further Information on Industrial Heritage 

European Route of Industrial Heritage - UK Sites   

68 - August 2009

World Heritage Sites in the UK

Proposed World Heritage Sites in the UK

66 - June 2009

Major Canals and Waterways

Major Canal Features

Canal Tunnels

Lock Flights and Staircases

Canals in England 

Canals in Wales 

Canals in Scotland 

Canals in Northern Ireland 

Non Navigable and Lost Canals

Further information - canals  

65 - May 2009

Nature Reserves on or near the Ridgeway Path


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