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Topic Index - Photographic Techniques 

Introduction to DSLR photography

Teaching yourself photography

Exposure ...>

White Balance

So what is white balance and why won’t auto white balance do.  The foundations of what white balance is and why we should use it, expanded with other articles.

Choosing the white balance setting to use  how to use the camera settings 

Setting and using PRE   The PRE setting within white balance allows us to get the most accurate colours - we look at how to use it.

Exposure and White Balance Targets 

Other steps we can take on white balance Other ways to manage colour and other approaches.

The K values of light  a table of colours of different types of light.

Photographing sunsets - Technical Tip. How to get the full effect.

Photographing Sunsets  - a more detailed explanation.

Sunset Filters

How to Photograph Waterfalls and White Balance

Depth of Field

Depth of Field DOF Explained

Application of Depth of Field 


Introducing Slicing

Depth of Field Magic  (Project)

What we can do with Helicon Focus

Capturing Slices with a Nikon DSLR

Slices - Coins

Slices - Chips

Slices - Red flower

How to Photograph Waterfalls and Depth of Field


Composing Photographs - Introduction

Developing the Eye - The Use of Mirrors

Framing Up the Image - The Use of Framing Tools

Calculating Cut-Outs (extra information)

Guidelines On Viewing Guide (extra information)

 Expanding the Techniques - Combining mirrors and cut-outs


Making Buildings Stand Up Straight. Overcoming the problem of buildings sloping backwards 

Coastal Lenses and Perspective

Spirit levels

How to Photograph Waterfalls and Perspective

Close Up and Macro

Macro Photography

Macro or micro photography - taking things close up. Advantages and effect. Differences in terminology between manufacturers, example images.

Macro Background System

Close-up Lenses 

Tubes & Bellows

Various ways to get closer to the subject, options, accessories including long lenses, teleconverters, close up lenses etc 

Fotomate Sliding Plate 

Novaflex Castel-Mini


A Quick Look at the Direction of Lighting in Portraits  Introductory look at the direction a single light comes, and building from this start point.

Pinhole Photography ...>


Fotomate Sliding Plate 

Novaflex Castel-Mini

Spirit levels

3D Photography ...>

Black & White

Monochrome Photography

Monochrome Effect Filters 



Filters and the Digital Camera filters for Black and White, polarizer's and grads, plus filters available on some Nikon camera. Using filters in Capture NX.


Soft Images 



Kite Aerial Photography, (KAP) its long history, and how to undertake now.

Night Time

Photographing fireworks

Photographing carnivals with lights 

Photographing fun fairs

Photographing Street scenes at night 

Photographing coloured lights in forest/woodland settings 

Carnivals and Illuminations

Fire Festivals and Fire Events

Firework Events

Special situations

Traffic Free Photography

Wildlife Photography ...>


Identifying Photo Locations

Video Filming

Nikon Movies on a DSLR - Effects of Settings Chosen 


Photographing Waterfalls 

Photographing Seawater

Photographing Water

Water Frozen In Time



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