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EV Guide 3 fold handout which you can download, print and use

Exposure Section

Topic Index - Exposure 


Article Route on Exposure starts here - Exposure, article routes take you through a series of articles on the topic.


Aperture Defined


Exposure required and Sunny 16 rule   

Exposure with an Exposure Meter  

Exposure and White Balance Targets 

EV and the EV Table 

Coping with high contrast

Multiple and Double Exposures  -  used with filters or with card to give similar effects to using some filters.

Shutter Speed


Comparative Table of ISO, ASA , DIN and GOST 

Filters-ND graduated filters   - the most essential filters, looking at hard, soft, reverse, strengths and how to decide what to use, setting exposure and more.

see also Filters, Neutral density, graduated, and many others.

Zone Systems Photography

How to Photograph Waterfalls and Exposure




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