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Ascott Park Dovecot, Stadhampton, Oxfordshire

Audley End Dovecot, Essex

Bemerton Farm Dovecot, Wiltshire

Bruton Dovecot, Somerset

Corstorphine Doocot, Mid Lothian

Duntisbourne Leer Cottage Dovecot,

Duntisbourne Leer Farm Dovecot  

Green House Dovecot, Shropshire

Hawford Dovecot, Worcestershire

Kinwarton Dovecot, Warwickshire

Melville Doocot, Fife

Minster Lovell Dovecot, Oxfordshire

Norton Sub Hamdon Dovecot, Somerset

Penmon Dovecot, Penmon, Anglesey

Pigeon Tower, Rivington, Lancashire

Rockville Farm Doocot, East Lothian

Stoke Sub Hamdon Dovecot, Somerset

Tantollen Doocot, East Lothian

Wichenford Dovecot, Worcestershire

Willington Dovecot, Bedfordshire


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Dovecots in England

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