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Penmon Dovecot

Penmon, Anglesey

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Dovecot left and Penmon Priory ahead

The Dovecot stands near the church of Penmon Priory.

This is said to have probably been built in about 1600, in Elizabethan times, by Sir Richard Bulkeley. Sir Richard had a house, Baron Hill, west of Beaumaris and completed in 1618.

The wealthy of this time, had fish ponds, and dovecots to provide regular on demand food, and usually dovecots were built so that their owner could see the access door to the dovecots. Members of the church and certain levels of people were allowed to have dovecots, but most of the population was not. Its likely that the church at the time had a curate or vicar living in the priory house and that this and the maintained fish pond opposite were part of his living provided for him, by whoever owned the estate at the time, and perhaps this could have been Sir Richard.

At the time it was often the case that the heir to an estate ran it and the second in line went into the church. So in many cases the vicar was the son of a landowner. Livings were within the gift of and supported by estates, and the church helped maintain the class system.

The building is square with a domed roof with a cupola on top so birds could fly in and out.

Inside the dovecot there are, in the walls, about 1,000 nesting boxes. In the centre is a 12ft tall pillar, with steps built in. This would have supported a revolving ladder so people had access to the nesting boxes for both young birds for meat and for eggs.

The remains of a building possibly tithe barn that is connected to the dovecot.

Monastery fish pond opposite the dovecot was well maintained.

The Anglesey Coastal Path    also runs past here, so its worth stopping off to take a look.

Location: Penmon Dovecot, Penmon, Anglesey

Grid Reference: SH631807 Ceremonial County: Anglesey

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Getting there: From Beaumaris Take the B5109 to Llangoed at Tre-Castell turn right down the road to Penmon until you reach the Toll Booth, park up in the car park here outside the priory.

Access:  from road next to Penmon Priory
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Opening Times: Appears to be open all the time

Charges: None

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