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Windmills by County

In the listing by county we show quite a bit of information including all the names we know of that each is known by, links to a range of information and images and the current position as best we can determine. The lists are in order by the name of the nearest village or town. If the windmill name is linked, this is to a location guide on this site giving more information, links on the right are external.

Some items have a different coloured background, these are the windmills we would like to try to photograph, and if a 'Y ' is in the the guide column it has sails, a '1' indicates it probably does not but we still want to take a look at it, at least. For a full description and to find out how these lists were built click here. The number following the county names below is the number selected as  'Y or 1'.


 Total selected across English counties is  264.



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