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Windmills in Nottinghamshire

We are attempting to list all places where photographers can photograph windmills within the UK, by county. This is the start of a list that will both grow over time and hopefully we will be able to add more columns or information.

Where the names in the first column is hyperlinked this links to a Location page with more information on this site and over time more of these will be added, we will be delighted if some of you would like to also produce location pages.

WW = Windmill World website link    LB = listed building


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N Besthorpe Besthorpe NGR: SK833651  WW  LB post mill , 2 storey round house only
N Blidworth Blidworth NGR: SK586558  WW   LB tower mill, latest information 3 storey derelict.
6 Carlton-on-Trent Carlton-on-Trent NGR: SK802645  WW  LB tower mill, 6 storey, no top or sails.
? Caunton Caunton NGR: SK743603  WW   LB tower mill, 4 storey, shown derelict.
? Coddington Coddington NGR: SK832536  WW   LB tower mill, 4 storey,
? Eakring Eakring NGR: SK673624  WW  LB tower mill, 5 storey
3 Kneeton Hills Mill East Bridgford NGR: SK703443  WW  LB
tower mill , 3+ storey, residential conversion
? Stokes' Mill East Bridgford NGR: SK691430  WW tower mill
8 Cleveland Mill East Markham NGR: SK730725  WW  LB
tower mill, 4 storey, residential conversion
? Elston Elston NGR: SK760477  WW    LB tower mill, 5 storey,
2 Longbottom's Mill Everton NGR: SK692904  WW   LB tower mill, restored and an attractive top, no sails or fantail, suspect residential use.
? Fiskerton Windmill Fiskerton NGR: SK730510  WW post mill
? Gringley-on-the-Hill Gringley-on-the-Hill NGR: SK730905  WW  LB tower mill, 4 storey.
2 Harby Harby NGR: SK877707  WW   LB
tower mill, 5 storeys, now a home
? West Mill Kimberley NGR: SK488453  WW post mill
? Misterton Misterton NGR: SK784944  WW tower mill
? Farndon Mill Newark NGR: SK780527  WW  LB tower mill, 5 storey
N Shelford Mill Newton NGR: SK680422  WW  LB post mill, ground floor round house only remains
Y Subscription Mill
North Leverton Windmill
North Leverton NGR: SK776820  WW   MO
tower mill, working, restored, full top and sails.
? Norwell Norwell NGR: SK774617  WW  LB tower mill
? Radford Mill Nottingham NGR: SK547409  WW post mill
Y Green's Mill Sneinton NGR: SK587398  WW  LB
tower mill, restored, working, open, full top and sails. Interesting exhibits.
8 Sutton In Ashfield Sutton In Ashfield NGR: SK500590  WW   LB tower mill, appears to have a path around it.
2 Sutton-on-Trent Sutton-on-Trent NGR: SK798655  WW   LB
tower mill now part of a 5+ storey home, interesting top
Y Mill Mount
Tuxford Windmill
Tuxford NGR: SK733718  WW  LB
tower mill working, full top and sails.
4 Stone End Road Mill Tuxford NGR: SK761693  WW   LB
tower mill, 4 storey now part of a house, Stands next to main railway line.
N Upton Upton NGR: SK736548  WW post mill, single story roundhouse now converted, appears to be a garage.
M Forest Mill Warsop NGR: SK581664  WW   LB
tower mill, 3 story tower, probably residential conversion
? Whatton Whatton NGR: SK743392  WW  LB tower mill, 5 or 6 story tower.

This list will continue to grow as we come across new places. REMEMBER if know of somewhere that you feel is a good place please let us know.


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