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Windmills in Lincolnshire

We are attempting to list all places where photographers can photograph windmills within the UK, by county. This is the start of a list that will both grow over time and hopefully we will be able to add more columns or information.

Where the names in the first column is hyperlinked this links to a Location page with more information on this site and over time more of these will be added, we will be delighted if some of you would like to also produce location pages.

WW = Windmill World website link    LB = listed building


Windmill name


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3 Addlethorpe Addlethorpe NGR: TF552675 WW  LB tower mill, no cap or sails, 4 stories high
Y Alford Windmill
Hoyle's 5 sailed Mill
Alford NGR: TF457766 WW  LB
tower mill 5 sails, working
? Wallace's Mill Alford NGR: TF444755 WW tower mill
5 Alkborough Alkborough NGR: SK883215 WW  LB
tower mill, no cap or sails
N Amber Hill Amber Hill NGR: TF229460 WW  LB tower mill (drainage mill)
reduced in height
8 Barnetby le Wold Barnetby le Wold NGR: TA066096 WW LB
tower mill, derelict
9 Barrow Haven Barrow upon Humber NGR: TA062229 WW
tower mill, derelict
8 Pearson's Mill Barrow upon Humber NGR: TA059216 WW
tower mill, 3 floor, castle top building
6 Hewson's Mill Barton upon Humber NGR: TA027226 WW  LB
tower mill, derelict
1 Barton upon Humber tower mill
Market Place
Barton upon Humber NGR: TA032217 WW  LB
tower mill, has cap but no sails
N Hudson's Mill Baston NGR: TF117132 WW
tower mill, derelict
2 Westgate Mill Belton NGR: SE770075 WW  LB
tower mill, now a part of a house has cap no sails
? East Mill Billinghay NGR: TF153552 WW tower mill
? West Mill Billinghay NGR: TF144551 WW tower mill
6 Bilsby Bilsby NGR: TF470767 WW  LB
tower mill, no cap or sails
? Blyton Blyton NGR: SK852948 WW tower mill
7 Old Bolingbroke Bolingbroke NGR: TF339642 WW
tower mill, no cap or sails
Y Maud Foster Mill Boston NGR: TF333447 WW
tower mill working
5 sails
N Bell's Mill Brigg NGR: SE996065 WW  LB tower mill, 2 story, no sails
8 Castlethorpe Mill
Arties Mill
Broughton NGR: SE986072 WW  LB
tower mill, pub/restaurant, no cap or sails
Y Dobson's Mill
Burgh le Marsh
Burgh le Marsh NGR: TF504650 WW  LB
tower mill. Restored
5 sails
1 Hansons mill
West End Mill
Old mill guest house
Burgh le Marsh NGR: TF497650 WW
guest house
tower mill. now guest house, no sails
? Burton upon Stather Burton upon Stather NGR: SE874172 WW post mill
7 Butterwick Butterwick NGR: TF385456 WW
tower mill, part of farm, no sails
8 Caistor Caistor NGR: TA125007 WW
tower mill. no sails
8 Rundle's Mill Carrington NGR: TF307585 WW  LB tower mill, no sails
N Watkinson's Mill Carrington NGR: TF294573 WW  LB tower mill, low building no sails
8 East Mill Corringham NGR: SK879910 WW  LB
tower mill. Bricked up shell
8 West Mill Corringham NGR: SK863916 WW  LB tower mill  Tower, no top or sails, upper openings bricked in.
8 Cowbit Cowbit NGR: TF265179 WW
tower mill, tower now has other use, no sales
8 Croft Croft, Wainfleet All Saints NGR: TF501596 WW  LB tower mill, shell no sails
? Crowland Crowland NGR: TF236101 WW tower mill,  truncated tower, now a house
? Baxter's Mill Donington NGR: TF218349 WW tower mill
2 Dyke Dyke NGR: TF103226 WW  LB smock mill, building appears complete except for sails
3 East Kirkby East Kirkby NGR: TF333623 WW  LB
tower mill, substantial tower no sails
5 Brook's Mill Epworth NGR: SE781045 WW
tower mill cap, no sails.(2 discussed mills can be photographed in a shot)
6 Maw's Mill Epworth NGR: SE777047 WW  LB
tower mill. cap no sails. near to Brooks mill.
8 Thompson's Mill Epworth NGR: SE784034 WW  LB tower mill, no sails
N Stamp's Mill Faldingworth NGR: TF068850 WW  LB tower mill, appears derelict
? Freiston Freiston NGR: TF390428 WW  LB tower mill, was derelict some time back
? Hoyle's Mill Friskney NGR: TF481567 WW   LB tower mill, 3 story
? Fulstow Fulstow NGR: TF330966 WW tower mill
? Spital Hill Mill Gainsborough NGR: SK822905 WW tower mill
1 Gedney Dyke Gedney Dyke NGR: TF416262 WW   LB
tower mill, derelict, surrounded by a scrap yard
8 Gedney Hill Gedney Hill NGR: TF334117 WW
tower mill, now a tall house
9 Goxhill Goxhill NGR: TA093209 WW  LB
tower mill, old tower only.
? Grainthorpe Grainthorpe NGR: TF383970 WW tower mill
? Grasby Grasby NGR: TA092051 WW post mill, shell
N Hagworthingham Hagworthingham NGR: TF344698 WW LB
tower mill, derelict.
? Haxey Haxey NGR: SE761997 WW tower mill
9 Low Burnham Mill
Wilkinsons Mill
Haxey NGR: SE773013 WW   LB tower mill, tower only
N Haydor Haydor NGR: SK996387 WW   LB
tower mill, tower only
Y Heapham
Hewitts Mill
Heapham NGR: SK874887 WW LB
tower mill, restored with sails.
Y Heckington
Station Mill
Pocklingtons Mill
Heckington NGR: TF145436 WW  LB
tower mill working, with 8 sails
N Mowbray's Mill Heckington NGR: TF135442 WW tower mill, truncated tower
7 Helpringham Helpringham NGR: TF135405 WW  LB tower mill Tower connected to barn
? Hemingby Hemingby NGR: TF240742 WW tower mill
1 Reason's Mill
Hibaldsow Mill
Hibaldstow NGR: SE982028 WW  LB
tower mill, was combined water and wind mill. Requires restoration.
? Hogsthorpe Hogsthorpe NGR: TF533723 WW tower mill
8 Penny Hill Mill Holbeach NGR: TF358268 WW  LB
tower mill, top removed and reduced slightly
8 Spilsby Road Horncastle NGR: TF266696 WW 
tower mill, originally had 5 sales and was two floors higher than remaining tower.
? Horsington Horsington NGR: TF191683 WW tower mill
1 Huttoft Mill Huttoft NGR: TF515767 WW  LB tower mill, interesting tower with extras but no sails
? Surfleet Mill Ingham NGR: SK942836 WW tower mill
7 Kirton End Kirton End NGR: TF290403 WW  LB
tower mill, tower and cap.
Y Mount Pleasant Mill Kirton in Lindsey NGR: SK939994 WW  LB
MO   Wiki
tower mill restored, working mill, with sails
9 Langton Langton NGR: TF244695 WW 
tower mill, tower only amongst farm buildings
1 Lowfield Mill Leadenham NGR: SK921532 WW  LB
tower mill, restored but no sails
1 Legbourne Legbourne NGR: TF363843 WW  LB tower mill  tower, cap  and waterwheel
Y Ellis' Mill Lincoln NGR: SK971723 WW
tower mill, restored, with sails
1 Princess Street Mill Lincoln NGR: SK972703 WW
tower mill, second highest in the country, originally had 5 sails, now very tall tower with flats.
1 Brunswick Mill Long Sutton NGR: TF441222 WW  LB
tower mill, now tower is used for wine tasting
4 Harrison's Mill Long Sutton NGR: TF439229 WW  LB
tower mill 6 story, no sails, maybe a house now.
? Luddington Luddington NGR: SE828175 WW tower mill
? Ludford Magna Ludford Magna NGR: TF200895 WW tower mill
N Sneath's Mill Lutton NGR: TF436243 WW  LB
tower mill poor condition
9 Maltby le Marsh Maltby le Marsh NGR: TF470820 WW 
tower mill Now B+B
6 Mareham le Fen Mareham le Fen NGR: TF281610 WW  LB
tower mill, 6 stories, no sails
? Marsh Chapel Marsh Chapel NGR: TF362993 WW  tower mill, 3 stories, now house
9 Marton Marton NGR: SK834816 WW  LB
tower mill
6 Metheringham Metheringham NGR: TF064614 WW  LB
tower mill, 6 storeys.
N Middle Rasen Middle Rasen NGR: TF091888 WW 
tower mill, 3 storey.
8 Morton Morton NGR: SK811921 WW
tower mill, 5 story property with cap, now residential property
1 Moulton Moulton NGR: TF308241 WW  LB
tower mill,  Restored, but no sails yet. 80ft, 8 storey and basement.
Tallest windmill in the country if you discount cap.
? Moulton Chapel Moulton Chapel NGR: TF294182 WW tower mill
? North Hykeham North Hykeham NGR: SK940656 WW tower mill
7 New Mill North Kelsey NGR: TA036013 WW
tower mill
8 Owston Ferry Owston Ferry NGR: SK815992 WW
tower mill
? Chapel Hill Pelham's Lands NGR: TF208539 WW tower mill
N Pickworth Pickworth NGR: TF042342 WW tower mill, was a cheese factory, now a house
9 Northgate Mill Pinchbeck NGR: TF227260 WW
tower mill, 5 storey
5 West Mill
Glen Mill
Pinchbeck NGR: TF207252 WW
tower mill, renovated and cap, no sails
? Risegate Risegate NGR: TF221301 WW tower mill
? Ropsley Ropsley NGR: SK991340 WW tower mill
3 Saltfleet Saltfleet NGR: TF456936 WW  LB tower mill, tower with cp. no sails
8 Saxilby Saxilby NGR: SK892748 WW
tower mill, 5 story tower
9 Scawby Scawby NGR: SK973058 WW  LB tower mill
8 Scopwick Scopwick NGR: TF058576 WW     LB
tower mill, 6 stories
9 Scotter Scotter NGR: SE883006 WW   LB tower mill
8 Grebby Mill Scremby NGR: TF439685 WW
tower mill, now a house
? Long's Mill Scunthorpe NGR: SE902113 WW tower mill
8 Whaplode Mill
Lawsons Mill
Shepeau Stow NGR: TF308123 WW
tower mill derelict and roofless
8 Rhoade's Mill Sibsey NGR: TF352514 WW  LB
tower mill
Y Sibsey Trader Mill Sibsey NGR: TF340510 WW LB
tower mill, restored, working, 6 sails
? Sleaford Sleaford NGR: TF069456 WW tower mill
8 South Rauceby South Rauceby NGR: TF024457 WW  LB tower mill, now a house
? South Witham South Witham NGR: SK924192 WW tower mill
N Common Mill Spalding NGR: TF234201 WW tower mill, 2 story derelict, some years back
8 Stallingborough Stallingborough NGR: TA190106 WW  LB tower mill, now a house
5 Stickford
Shaws mill
Stickford NGR: TF346589 WW   LB
tower mill, no sails now but had them up to less than 40 years ago
7 Stickney Stickney NGR: TF345569 WW LB tower mill, 5 storey, used for storage
7 Sturton by Stow Sturton by Stow NGR: SK881804 WW   LB
tower mill
9 Sutterton Sutterton NGR: TF273359 WW  LB
tower mill, appears derelict.
? Sutton Ings Mill Sutton on Sea NGR: TF503807 WW tower mill (drainage)
? Swaby Swaby NGR: TF380769 WW tower mill
7 North End Mill Swineshead NGR: TF229416 WW  LB
tower mill
? Toynton All Saints Toynton All Saints NGR: TF392640 WW tower mill
? Trusthorpe Trusthorpe NGR: TF513840 WW tower mill
3 Waddingham
Andersons Mill
Waddingham NGR: SK981961 WW 
tower mill, tower with cap, no sails, amongst modern housing.
? Worsdell's Mill Waddington NGR: SK974634 WW tower mill
4 Salem Bridge Mill Wainfleet All Saints NGR: TF495586 WW   LB tower mill Converted  part of Batemans Brewery
? Wainfleet St Mary Wainfleet St Mary NGR: TF490582 WW tower mill
Y Waltham Waltham NGR: TA259033 WW  Wiki tower mill, restored, 5 sails
? Welbourne Welbourne NGR: SK974535 WW tower mill
? Wellingore Wellingore NGR: SK984570 WW  LB tower mill, 6 storey
? West Butterwick West Butterwick NGR: SE836066 WW  LB tower mill, probably derelict
5 Haven Bank Mill Wildmore NGR: TF241533 WW 
tower mill, tower on side of grass centre lane
? Woodhall Spa Woodhall Spa NGR: TF177626 WW tower mill
N Stenwith Mill Woolsthorpe NGR: SK836363 WW
tower mill, derelict stump remains
9 Wragby Wragby NGR: TF131778 WW
tower mill, 6 story, surrounded now by houses.
? Wrangle Wrangle NGR: TF439511 WW tower mill
4 Toft's Mill Wrangle NGR: TF443516 WW
tower mill 4 storey, now holiday accommodation
Y Wrawby Wrawby NGR: TA026087 WW  LB
MO  Wiki
post mill Restored with sails

See also

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At bottom of Alford wiki article it lists other working mills in the county  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alford_Windmill

This list will continue to grow as we come across new places. REMEMBER if know of somewhere that you feel is a good place please let us know.


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