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Mount Pleasant Windmill

Kirton in Lindsey, Lincolnshire

Mount Pleasant Windmill is a traditional four-sailed brick tower mill built in 1875, on the site and remains of a post mill.

The mill had four patent-sails, on a slightly tapering four-storey tarred tower mill with onion-shaped cap and fantail on top of the remaining roundhouse of a previous post-mill that was on the site.

It is located on the Lincoln Cliff overlooking Kirton-in-Lindsey with extensive views over the Trent Valley and the Wolds. It was wind powered until 1936 when the sails were removed.

It did not start milling by wind power again until fully renovated in 1991.

The current windmill, Mount Pleasant, was built in 1875 for Edric Lansdall. This was erected on top of a post mill roundhouse, although here the junction is so subtle as to be almost indistinguishable. It is only given away by the fact that the walls begin vertically at ground level, with smaller bricks and thicker tar than the remainder of the mill, which is built in large 3 inch machine moulded bricks laid to the batter of the tower. The initials E. L. and the date 1875 can still be seen above the lintel above the loading back door.

In the late 1850's he became the owner of the post-mill which had stood on North Cliff Road for centuries. This earlier post-mill had been blown down in a gale and he ordered the construction of a new tall brick tower mill.

The Snell family were the next millers until they sold the mill in 1936 to the Banks brothers. The sails were taken down at the time of the sale, as they had reached the end of their useful life. Milling  continued, with an engine to power the mill.

The barn which housed the engine is now the Tea-Room and the grain store next door has been converted into a house.

Technical description of its workings can be found at http://microsites.lincolnshire.gov.uk/windmills/section.asp?catId=3392

The Wikipedia article  and mills own site also give additional  information.

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When we visited

We found a reasonable sized tower mill, stood in its own grounds directly off the road. Images from the road were not terrific as a wall and hedges etc covered the lower part. We arrived late in the day, just before it was going to close, and the  light was difficult, however the car park was nearly empty. I also did not spend long here as I wanted to still get a couple more before it was too dark.

The grounds it stands within is a reasonable size but getting the mill in is still a challenge, and of course the mill ends up sloping back through perspective problems. The lower picture I have edited in Photoshop to partly correct this, as space and the effect was more noticeable on this shot. The top one is as taken.

The best position is through the gate from the road, one I didn't  take as there was a vehicle in the way. It would also be better to take images of this mill earlier in the day when it would not be taking the photograph against the light. This is a tar black mill, and my images with so much shadow and contrast don't show this well. So I have this on my list of mils to take again. The other thing I would do different would be to take a few far wider shots to allow more scope with perspective control. The images above were taken with a 12-24 lens at 15mm, so I could have gone wider, although the perspective problem may have appeared worse.

The image I didn't get.
By Richard Croft  

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Mount Pleasant Windmill, Kirton in Lindsey, Lincolnshire

Ceremonial County: Lincolnshire

Grid Reference:

SK 939994 OS Sheet - 112.

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mills open




lincolnshire.gov.uk Mount Pleasant page

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Date Updated:  05/2008

Planning Grid


Mount Pleasant Windmill, Kirton in Lindsey, Lincolnshire

Grid Reference:


Getting there:

On B1398 north of Kirton-in-Lindsey, about 18 miles north of Lincoln.







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True Loaf Bakery Limited
Mount Pleasant Windmill
North Cliff Road


DN21 4HH


Mervyn & Marie-Christine Austin - 01652 640177

Opening times:

Website says:- open to public between 10am and 5pm 6 days a week all year round. Closed on Mondays, except Bank Holidays.
There is no charge to simply stand and look at the flour being bagged at the bottom of the mill.
Mills open:-
Daily except Mondays, & Bank Holidays 10.00-17.00.

National Mills Weekend:-  Saturday & Sunday, 10.00 - 17.00

So need to check before any Bank Holiday Monday visit.


There is no charge to simply stand and look at the flour being bagged at the bottom of the mill.
There is a small charge for VISITS i.e. to go up on one's own inside the mill:  Adults 1.50 Children 75p

If you are very interested and want to learn more, there are TOURS* of the windmill with the Miller.
The charge will be:  Adults 2.50 Children 1.50
*The tours must be booked in advance just to make sure the Miller is available.

TOURS FOR GROUPS can be booked day or evening.
Tour of the Windmill with the Miller + Tea/Coffee & Home-made Cake:  5.00 per Adult 4.00 per Child
Tour of the Windmill with the Miller + Light Meal as well as Tea/Coffee & Home-made Cake: 10.00 per Adult 8.00 per Child

SCHOOL VISITS involve a Tour of the Windmill, a Drink and a piece of Home-made Flapjack:
3.00 per Child 1.00 per Accompanying Adult

Note: Free Adult Tickets for Schools with Special Needs Children demanding a high number of Carers.

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Date Updated:    05/08

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