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Llangefni Windmill Stump

aka Melin Wynt y Criaig Windmill

Llangefni, Anglesey

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Photo by Keith Williamson  

Anglesey at one time had very many windmills, the numbers running into many hundreds, and we know of the remains of between 30 and 40 with at present only one working. The working one is Llynnon Mill, near Llanddeusant, besides this several more have planning permission to be restored.

This old windmill, known originally as Melin Wynt y Criaig windmill stands high on a rocky crag above the town of  Llangefni on Anglesey and can be seen from miles around.

This location provided excellent exposure to the wind, but would have been problematic for the farmers who needed to bring their grain up the steep paths.

It was built sometime between 1828 and 1833. In 1828 Pigot's Commercial Directory only lists a watermill in Llangefni, whereas the next edition in 1833 mentions the Craig Mill. Some other websites report it as being built in 1858.

The mill was run by a succession of millers until it closed in 1893. The last miller, William Jones, was also the last miller of two other Anglesey mills, thus earning himself the nickname Angau Melinau (Angau being the personification of death in early Welsh legends, and melinau meaning "mills").

By the 1930's the sails and machinery were eventually removed and only the empty shell was left, and photographs of it in that condition exists (see links below).

A housing estate then grew up around it and it became a trouble spot for the youths of the area.  In the mid-1990s it was restored, the distinctive cap was placed on it, and it was used to house mobile phone transmitter equipment with a mast on the top. Some websites say the renovation was in 2000 but local residents are convinced the date was far earlier, one suggesting soon after 1992.

Location: Llangefni Windmill Stump, Llangefni, Anglesey

Grid Reference: SH465758 Ceremonial County: Anglesey

Map Link: Multimap

Aerial photo: Multimap     Google

Getting there: From the centre of Llangefni take the B5109 towards Pentraeth then first left into Bron Dinas at the end of which you should be able to park up. It will be visible ahead of you.

Access: None. Can be viewed from the outside only.

Other Useful Websites: Geograph   Amlwch History shows old picture of it in use

Windmill World    Anglesey.Info   Anglesey History

Images taken in 1936, front and side and 1939 from the Donald W. Muggeridge Collection of Mill Photographs University of Kent, Canterbury.

Wikipedia -  List of windmills in Anglesey    Map of windmill locations on Anglesey

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Opening Times: From the outside only

Charges: None

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