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Windmills in Yorkshire

We are attempting to list all places where photographers can photograph windmills within the UK, by county. This is the start of a list that will both grow over time and hopefully we will be able to add more columns or information.

Where the names in the first column is hyperlinked this links to a Location page with more information on this site and over time more of these will be added, we will be delighted if some of you would like to also produce location pages.

WW = Windmill World website link    LB = listed building


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N Hicklam Mill Aberford West Yorkshire NGR: SE434359  WW   LB tower mill, now a house
8 Appleton Roebuck Appleton Roebuck North Yorkshire NGR: SE544425  WW
tower mill derelict, pos becoming astronomical observatory
? Askham Richard Askham Richard North Yorkshire NGR: SE542472  WW tower mill
? Bainton Bainton East YorkshireUK NGR: SE964527  WW tower mill, pos 2 lower storey's of stump remains.
? Beeford Beeford East Yorkshire NGR: TA130535  WW tower mill
? Sewerby Mill Bempton East Yorkshire NGR: TA189714  WW tower mill
3 Black Mill Beverley East YorkshireU NGR: TA021390  WW  LB
tower mill, 5 storey, now castellated top, by racehorse training track
? Lowson's Mill Beverley East Yorkshire NGR: TA027386  WW tower mill
N Victoria Mill Beverley East Yorkshire NGR: TA020382  WW
tower mill truncated
8 Union Mill Beverley East Yorkshire NGR: TA022385  WW  LB
tower mill truncated, now golf clubhouse
? Brownhill Mill Birstall West Yorkshire NGR: SE233262  WW
tower mill derelict stump. Roof was removed by council.
? South Mill Bishop Burton East Yorkshire NGR: SE993393  WW tower mill
? Bishop Wilton Bishop Wilton East Yorkshire NGR: SE790550  WW tower mill
7 Bramham Bramham West Yorkshire NGR: SE432433  WW   LB
tower mill, derelict.
? Duke's Mill Bridlington East Yorkshire NGR: TA180688  WW tower mill
? Brompton Brompton North Yorkshire NGR: SE378968  WW tower mill, was 2 storey derelict,  being converted to house
? Buckton Mill Buckton East Yorkshire NGR: TA180715  WW tower mill
5 Burton Pidsea Burton Pidsea East Yorkshire NGR: TA244309  WW  LB
tower mill, 5 story, now house, no sails
? Sandpit Hill Mill Cantley South Yorkshire NGR: SE633018  WW tower mill
? Claxton Claxton North Yorkshire NGR: SE691596  WW tower mill (drainage)
6 Darrington Darrington West Yorkshire NGR: SE474199  WW  LB
tower mill, derelict, 4 or 5 storeys
4 Ling's Mill Dunscroft South Yorkshire NGR: SE660883  WW
tower mill, derelict about 4/5 storeys, in farmland
??? East Cowick East Cowick East Yorkshire NGR: SE665212  WW composite mill ???
? Ellerby Ellerby East Yorkshire NGR: TA170389  WW tower mill
? Ellerby Ellerby North Yorkshire NGR: NZ800140  WW tower mill
? Ellerton Ellerton East Yorkshire NGR: SE712399  WW tower mill
1 Elvington Elvington North Yorkshire NGR: SE683470  WW tower mill for drainage
Lists as an open mill, for special days.
Presume its been renovated, investigate further.
? Etton Etton East Yorkshire NGR: SE981428  WW   LB tower mill, 4 storey, probably derelict.
? Muston Mill Filey North Yorkshire NGR: TA107799  WW tower mill
? Millfield Fishlake South Yorkshire NGR: SE648140  WW tower mill
? West Nab Mill
Fishlake  windmill
Fishlake South Yorkshire NGR: SE652131  WW tower mill
? Follifoot Follifoot North Yorkshire NGR: SE325521  WW tower mill
? Foston on the Wolds Foston on the Wolds East Yorkshire NGR: TA092548  WW tower mill
7 Blue Mill Garton East Yorkshire NGR: TA261357  WW  LB
tower mill 3/4 storey, no sails
2 Timms Mill Goole West Yorkshire NGR: SE740239  WW  LB tower mill Ok but no sails, 4 storey.
watch developments
? Hatfield Woodhouse Hatfield Woodhouse South Yorkshire NGR: SE671087  WW tower mill
1 Cliff Mill Hessle East Yorkshire NGR: TA022254  WW  LB
tower mill, 6/7 storeys, originally had 5 sails, near Humber bridge.
no sails.
? Hornby Hornby North Yorkshire NGR: NZ360054  WW tower mill
? Hornsea Hornsea East Yorkshire NGR: TA197479  WW tower mill
? Hail Mill Howden East Yorkshire NGR: SE754277  WW  LB tower mill, 5 storey, may be covered in ivy.
N Huddleston Huddleston North Yorkshire NGR: SE473336  WW
tower mill, derelict
? Eyre's Mill Hull East Yorkshire NGR: TA123309  WW tower mill
Y Holderness Road Hull East Yorkshire NGR: TA120300  WW  LB
tower mill 5 /6 storeys restored, has sails, and full top
? Hutton Cranswick Hutton Cranswick East Yorkshire NGR: TA023530  WW  LB tower mill, 4 storey
2 New Mill Keyingham East Yorkshire NGR: TA254251  WW  LB
tower mill, 5 storey, now a house, no sails
2 Old Mill Keyingham East Yorkshire NGR: TA244256  WW  LB
tower mill 6 storeys, LB image is wrong, No sails
9 Kilham Kilham East Yorkshire NGR: TA060642  WW tower mill, now a house, 4 storeys.
? Kilpin Kilpin East Yorkshire NGR: SE763275  WW Wind Engine for drainage
2 Kippax Kippax West Yorkshire NGR: SE426299  WW  LB tower mill, part of interesting range of period farm buildings.
? Knottingley Knottingley West Yorkshire NGR: SE500230  WW tower mill
? Kirkby Kirkby moor side North Yorkshire NGR: SE696864  WW tower mill
? Langtoft Langtoft East Yorkshire NGR: TA005680  WW tower mill
5 Colton Mill  Leeds West Yorkshire NGR: SE376330  WW  LB tower mill, several buildings, no sails
5 Potternewton Mill Leeds West Yorkshire NGR: SE296365  WW tower mill. Tower in countryside, no sails.
2 Whin Moor Mill Leeds West Yorkshire NGR: SE359364  WW
tower mill, now part of a Ramada Jarvis hotel, Seacroft.
2 Lelley Lelley East Yorkshire NGR: TA219326  WW  LB
tower mill, 6 storey, In need of repair.
? New Mill Leven East Yorkshire NGR: TA117453  WW tower mill
2 Malton Malton North Yorkshire NGR: SE793740  WW
tower mill, 3 story tower amongst farm buildings.
7 Mappleton Mappleton East Yorkshire NGR: TA224437  WW
tower mill, now a house,
house sale details
2 Wrancarr Mill Moss South Yorkshire NGR: SE593128  WW
tower mill, now 4 storey house.
6 Nafferton Nafferton East Yorkshire NGR: TA059606  WW  LB
tower mill, 3 storey
Y Howden Brickyard North Howden East Yorkshire NGR: SE754310  WW
Tower, small, with remains of sails, probably a wind pump to drain clay pits.
Map location may be out.
2 Norton Norton South Yorkshire NGR: SE538148  WW
tower mill, impressive large white tower with cap, no sails
? Pateley Bridge Pateley Bridge North Yorkshire NGR: SE166658  WW Drainage tower mill, was derelict and collapsing, being reconstructed see photos
6 East Mill Patrington East Yorkshire NGR: TA320223  WW  LB
tower mill, 5 storey tower, no sails
N Haven Mill Patrington East Yorkshire NGR: TA308219  WW
tower mill, truncated
7 Dandy Mill Pontefract West Yorkshire NGR: SE468230  WW  LB tower mill, 6 storey.
5 Peak Mill
Beacon Windmill
Ravenscar North Yorkshire NGR: NZ976007  WW
tower mill, large round, medium height, by road
8 Riccall Riccall North Yorkshire NGR: SE617374  WW
tower mill, now a restaurant
Y Victoria Mill Scarborough North Yorkshire NGR: TA036884  WW
Hotel info
tower mill, now part of a hotel, has sails
N New Mill Seaton Ross East Yorkshire NGR: SE776422  WW
tower mill, ruin
7 Old Mill Seaton Ross East Yorkshire NGR: SE774417  WW  LB tower mill, tower near interesting building may be steam pump house or church.
? Sandy Lane Sitlington West Yorkshire NGR: SE277175  WW tower mill
3 Kirby Mill Skelton on Ure North Yorkshire NGR: SE375696  WW
tower mill, large, tall 5/6 storey tower
Y Skidby Skidby,Beverley East Yorkshire NGR: TA020333  WW  LB
MO  Wiki
Large tower mill working, 6 storeys, full Sails and top
? South Duffield South Duffield North Yorkshire NGR: SE677335  WW tower mill
9 Stutton Stutton North Yorkshire NGR: SE476421  WW
tower mill, can be photographed from layby on A64
? Sykehouse Sykehouse South Yorkshire NGR: SE625174  WW tower mill
9 Thorne Thorne South Yorkshire NGR: SE686137  WW
tower mill, 6 storey, looks like a house conversion
N Thornton le Clay Thornton le Clay North Yorkshire NGR: SE677657  WW
tower mill, small tower in trees
? Tollerton Tollerton North Yorkshire NGR: SE514638  WW tower mill
5 Ugthorpe Ugthorpe North Yorkshire NGR: NZ791115  WW
tower mill, unusual house conversion
9 Ulleskelf Ulleskelf North Yorkshire NGR: SE519390  WW
tower mill, house converstion
N Upton Upton West Yorkshire NGR: SE474139  WW
tower mill, 3 storey
N Waxholme Waxholme East Yorkshire NGR: TA326293  WW
tower mill, derelict
9 Wentworth Wentworth South Yorkshire NGR: SK392982  WW
tower mill, converted to house
9 Barrow Mill Wentworth South Yorkshire NGR: SK379987  WW
tower mill, now a house
? Union Mill Whitby North Yorkshire NGR: NZ894111  WW tower mill
9 Wressle Wressle East Yorkshire NGR: SE710312  WW   LB tower mill
N Yapham Yapham East Yorkshire NGR: SE790505  WW  LB
tower mill, was 3 then 5 storey.
9 Yokefleet Yokefleet East Yorkshire NGR: SE821237  WW
tower mill, disused building.
? Haxby Road Mill York North Yorkshire NGR: SE606533  WW tower mill
1 Holgate York North Yorkshire NGR: SE584515  WW  MO
tower mill appears complete except for sails, stock to hold 5 sails. Addition of sails is planned.

This list will continue to grow as we come across new places. REMEMBER if know of somewhere that you feel is a good place please let us know.


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