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Windmills in Suffolk

We are attempting to list all places where photographers can photograph windmills within the UK, by county. This is the start of a list that will both grow over time and hopefully we will be able to add more columns or information.

Where the names in the first column is hyperlinked this links to a Location page with more information on this site and over time more of these will be added, we will be delighted if some of you would like to also produce location pages.

WW = Windmill World website link    LB = listed building


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2 Fort Green Mill Aldeburgh NGR: TM464559  WW
tower, now a house, about 4 storeys on sea front no sails
1 Bardwell Bardwell NGR: TL941738  WW  MO
tower, 4 storey, full top, no sails
? Barnham Barnham NGR: TL867791  WW tower, now a house
? Blundeston Blundeston NGR: TM517974  WW tower
? Brome Brome NGR: TM135761  WW post, roundhouse
2 Bungay Bungay NGR: TM339890  WW  
tower, 5+ storey appears to be a house now, no sails.
1 Burgh Burgh NGR: TM230514  WW
tower mill, converted, 6+ storey, no sails
5 Buxhall Buxhall NGR: TL996577  WW
tower mill, 5+ storeys, no sails.
? Cockfield Cockfield NGR: TL904539  WW tower
6 Chilton Street Mill Chilton Street NGR: TL757471  WW tower mill derelict 4 storey on top of hill, with large hole.
? Corton Corton NGR: TM542974  WW tower
1 Dalham 1
Lower windmill
Dalham NGR: TL719617  WW  LB
Large smock, restored, don't think it has sails
? Darsham 2 Darsham NGR: TM415702  WW post, now a house
? Debenham Debenham NGR: TM165630  WW tower, truncated
1 Drinkstone 1 Drinkstone NGR: TL964622  WW  LB
post being restored, no sails yet
1 Drinkstone 2 Drinkstone NGR: TL964621  WW   LB
smock conserved, no sails yet, built on top of older horse driven mill.
? Earl Soham Earl Soham NGR: TM227628  WW post roundhouse, several storeys.
? Ladbrook's Mill Elmsett NGR: TM047465  WW post, demolished, house constructed from salvaged material to look like a post mill.
? Eriswell Eriswell NGR: TL723801  WW smock, base
N Framlingham Framlingham NGR: TM283632  WW   LB smock now a 2 storey house
Y Webster's Mill Framsden NGR: TM192598  WW   LB
post, has 2 of its 4 sails
7 Friston Friston NGR: TM411601  WW  LB
Building at risk 
post, supported in metal frame, no sails.
? Gosbeck Gosbeck NGR: TM160556  WW post, roundhouse
Y Great Thurlow Great Thurlow NGR: TL671500  WW   LB
smock, restored, good location, has sails
5 Tutelina Mills Great Welnetham NGR: TL878598  WW  LB tower, by barn in county location
? Grundisburgh Grundisburgh NGR: TM224505  WW post roundhouse
Y Herringfleet Herringfleet NGR: TM466976  WW    MO
Small smock drainage mill, with sails, nice location    WIKI
Y Holton Holton NGR: TM403774  WW   LB
image  MO
post, restored with sails
? Honington Honington NGR: TL912738  WW post, roundhouse
N Harvey's Mill Kelsale NGR: TM384660  WW
post, roundhouse, now 1+ storey holiday home
2 Skoulding's Mill
Kelsale mill
Kelsale Cum Carlton NGR: TM382647  WW    LB tower, 7 storey, no sails.
N Lavenham Lavenham NGR: TL915499  WW tower, appears derelict 2 storey.
? Little Stonham Little Stonham NGR: TM114600  WW tower ruined
? Lound Lound NGR: TG498005  WW tower
? Ball's Mill Metfield NGR: TM300798  WW tower and post mills both ruins
? Middle Mill Mildenhall NGR: TL631786  WW smock base
? Occold Occold NGR: TM156705  WW smock base
Y Pakenham Pakenham NGR: TL931694  WW  MO
tower, restored, with top and sails.
? Peasenhall Peasenhall NGR: TM350694  WW smock
8 Rattlesden Rattlesden NGR: TL968583  WW
tower, disused, 3 or 4 storey, no sails
? Rougham Rougham NGR: TL916643  WW post trestle
N Saxmundham Saxmundham NGR: TM383631  WW  LB post roundhouse 2 or 3 storey converted as a part of another building
Y Saxtead Green Mill Saxtead Green NGR: TM253644  WW  LB
English Heritage
MO Wiki
post preserved, with sails, owned by English Heritage  WIKI
Restoration in hand, sails up and down but will be back for 2009 season.
? Shimpling Shimpling NGR: TL870529  WW smock ruins
? Sibton Sibton NGR: TM366693  WW post roundhouse
? Hudson's Mill Snape NGR: TM394583  WW post, now a house, converted about 1930.
? St James St James South Elmham NGR: TM320813  WW post roundhouse
8 Stansfield Stansfield NGR: TL785527  WW    LB
tower, derelict 5 storey, no sails.
Y Upthorpe Road Stanton NGR: TL971733  WW    LB
post, Restored, with sails
? George Hill Mill Stanton NGR: TL964742  WW post now a house
? Barley Green Mill Stradbroke NGR: TM240740  WW post roundhouse
? Stratford Stratford St Andrew NGR: TM356602  WW post roundhouse
? Girling's Mill Swefling NGR: TM348640  WW post (remains of 3 mills)
N Swilland Swilland NGR: TM190539  WW post roundhouse, 2 storey as part of another building
2 Syleham Syleham NGR: TM214777  WW    LB post, badly storm damaged, roundhouse and some damaged remains over.
? Theberton Theberton NGR: TM440656  WW tower truncated
Y Thelnetham Thelnetham NGR: TM011790  WW    LB
tower restored, with sails and full top
3 Thorndon Thorndon NGR: TM140698  WW  LB post roundhouse, large 3 storey, now storage
Y Thorpeness Mill Thorpness NGR: TM468598  WW   LB
post now used to pump water up to the "House in the Clouds"
N Walberswick Walberswick NGR: TM486736  WW
tower windpump, derelict, standing in marshes.
? Walsham le Willows Walsham le Willows NGR: TM005718  WW post, roundhouse
? Kitty Mill Wenhaston NGR: TM420758  WW post, roundhouse
N Broad Green Mill Wetheringsett NGR: TM145648  WW
post roundhouse, roofed.
? Mill Lane Mill Wickham Market NGR: TM306556  WW smock ruins
Y Buttrums mill Woodbridge NGR: TM264493  WW   MO
tower, restored. has sails and full top, around 6 storeys.
9 Tricker's Mill Woodbridge NGR: TM269492  WW  LB tower, 5 storeys, now a house, no sails.
? New Mill Worlingworth NGR: TM212689  WW post roundhouse

Suffolk Mills group  http://www.suffolkmills.org.uk/

This list will continue to grow as we come across new places. REMEMBER if know of somewhere that you feel is a good place please let us know.


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