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Windmills in Norfolk

We are attempting to list all places where photographers can photograph windmills within the UK, by county. This is the start of a list that will both grow over time and hopefully we will be able to add more columns or information.

Where the names in the first column is hyperlinked this links to a Location page with more information on this site and over time more of these will be added, we will be delighted if some of you would like to also produce location pages.

Norfolk has a very large number of wind pumps, many derelict, some are very close together. We don't have all of these within our lists, at this time.

WW = Windmill World   LB = Listed building  NM = Norfolk Windmills    NWT = Norfolk Windmills Trust


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? Charlie Water's Mill Acle NGR: TG413110  WW  NM tower mill (drainage)
N Clippesby Mill Ashby with Oby NGR: TG409127  WW   NM
tower mill, drainage mill
derelict but with top, no sails flickr
N Oby Mill Ashby with Oby NGR: TG409138  WW   NM
tower mill, derelict, no sails. has temporary protective cover. Very near to Black mill, Upton, see below.
N Aslacton Aslacton NGR: TM157903  WW   NM
tower mill, derelict
N Cawston Road Mill Aylsham NGR: TG185265  WW  NM
tower mill, converted. no sails or top
? Banham Banham NGR: TM052880  WW  NM composite mill
N Mill Road Mill Banham NGR: TM067883  WW  NM post mill, not much remains
N Barnham Broom Barnham Broom NGR: TG075073  WW NM tower mill mill demolished 1940's
N Old Hall Mill Belaugh NGR: TG293175  WW
tower mill, derelict tower, no top or sails. (cant find on NM.)
? Black Mill Belton Marshes NGR: TG467035  WW tower mill
(can't find on NM.)
Y High Mill Berney Arms NGR: TG465049  WW   NM
MO  Wiki
tower mill eh, OPEN. has sails and full top. NM has different grid reference
Y Billingford Billingford NGR: TM167786  WW  NM
tower mill , restored  and has sails and full top
7 Bixley Bixley NGR: TG256062  WW   LB
tower mill truncated to 7 floors was 11, now a water tower. At 137 foot this was the tallest in the county.
N Booton Booton NGR: TG109226  WW  NM post mill, hardly any remains if any.
N Briningham Briningham NGR: TG035336  WW  NM post mill, nothing is thought to now survive a house is on the site.
3 Belle Vue Mill Briningham NGR: TG034335  WW  LB
smock mill, 4 storey tower has also been lookout and a folly. Now a house.
N Broome Broome NGR: TM348911  WW  NM tower mill, reduced to 2 storeys and flat roof.
N Buckenham Ferry Buckenham Ferry NGR: TG353045  WW   NM
tower mill (drainage)
N St Margaret's Mill Burgh St Margaret NGR: TG418119  WW
NM prob
tower mill (drainage)
If NM page then a house now.
N Burgh St Peter 1 Burgh St Peter NGR: TM467934  WW   NM
tower mill, converted 3 storey tower.
? Burgh St Peter 2 Burgh St Peter NGR: TM500946  WW
NM prob
tower mill
Y Burnham Overy Staithe Burnham Overy Staithe NGR: TF837438  WW   NM
LB  Wiki
tower mill Restored with top and sails. Owned by National Trust and used as a holiday let.
1 Union Mills Burnham Overy NGR: TF843427  WW  LB
tower mill. Windmill over watermill. Appears to be restored, possibly as a house, no sails.
? Carbrooke Carbrooke NGR: TF952009  WW   NM tower mill
1 Caston Caston NGR: TL951982  WW  NM
tower mill restored, full top but no sails yet.
? Catfield Catfield NGR: TG387210  WW  NM post mill
Y Barton Broad Mill Catfield NGR: TG365220  WW tower mill, according to a photo has full top and sails. flickr
? Middle Marsh Mill Catfield NGR: TG372211  WW tower mill
2 Swim Coots Mill Catfield  NGR: TG411212  WW  NM
tower mill, was combined drainage and grinding. Roofed tower, watertight (2007).
9 White Mill Cawston NGR: TG135246  WW  NM tower mill, tower now appears a part of a house. It was one of two mills, the other Black mill was demolished in 1955
Y Cley-Next-the-Sea Cley-Next-the-Sea NGR: TG044440  WW   NM
tower mill, full sails and top, now a holiday home
Y Denver Denver
Downham Market
NGR: TF605012  WW    NM
Own  MO
tower mill, Open and working, full top and sails.   NWT
7 Victoria Mill Diss NGR: TM123792  WW  NM tower mill, now a 4 storey house, no sails.
Y East Dereham East Dereham NGR: TG003129  WW   NM
tower mill, restored has top and sails.  NWT
? East Harling East Harling NGR: TM000860  WW  NM tower mill , appears to have been converted to a house, no sails.
1 East Runton East Runton NGR: TG200423  WW  NM
tower mill, tower appears to have been renovated and have a full roof, but no sails
N High Mill East Ruston NGR: TG368299  WW  NM post mill, last information derelict single story, no roof.
7 New Mill East Ruston NGR: TG360292  WW  NM tower mill, appears converted, 4+ storeys, no windmill top or sails
? East Wretham East Wretham NGR: TL925905  WW  NM tower mill, converted to a 4 storey house around 1960.
N East Wretham Erpingham NGR: TG200312  WW  NM tower mill, was single storey building by 1980's
8 Holt Road Mill Fakenham NGR: TF922298  WW  LB
tower mill, now 3 storey house.
N Wilton Road Mill Feltwell NGR: TL718899  WW  NM tower mill, little remains
N Foulsham Foulsham NGR: TG032248  WW  NM tower mill, reduced to 3 storeys and included in house.
N Foxley Foxley NGR: TG032208  WW  NM tower mill, was converted to house now a water tower and storage

Lockgate Mill

Freethorpe Mill
Banham's Black Mill
Duffel's Mill

Freethorpe NGR: TG480072   Derelict but photographically attractive.
2 Foxley Frettenham NGR: TG245177  WW  NM
tower mill, 5 storey.
House development work started 04/08. Machinery is still intact, watch what happens.
? Caldecott Mill Fritton NGR: TG465021  WW tower mill
Y St Olaves Mill Fritton NGR: TM457997  WW  NM
smock mill (small wind pump) had sails and cap, but sustained storm  damage in  Jan 2007. Present condition unknown.
? Fritton Marshes Fritton Marshes NGR: TM450998  WW tower mill
N Croxton Mill Fulmodeston NGR: TF979313  WW  NM tower mill, truncated, derelict, covered in ivy.
1 Garboldisham Garboldisham NGR: TM002805  WW  LB
post mill, only surviving Post mill in Norfolk.
Restored but no sails yet
7 Gayton Gayton NGR: TF732192  WW  LB
tower mill, 7 storey, converted to a house
? Gooderstone
Chalkrow Lane Towermill
Gooderstone NGR: TF751012  WW   NM tower mill
Y Great Bircham Great Bircham NGR: TF760326  WW  NM
OWN  Wiki
tower mill restored, working, open, has full top and sails.  NWT
N Great Dunham Great Dunham NGR: TF885141  WW  NM tower mill, by 1970 it was single storey, open toped and used as an aviary.
2 Great Ellingham Great Ellingham NGR: TM018968  WW   NM
tower mill, prominent 5+ storey tower but current use unknown. no sails or top
? Great Snoring Great Snoring NGR: TF949234  WW   NM post mill
N Great Walsingham Great Walsingham NGR: TF944375  WW  NM tower mill, 3 storey, now a holiday let house
Y Ashtree Farm Mill Great Yarmouth NGR: TG507095  WW  NM
tower mill (drainage), full sail and top.     NWT
? Haddiscoe Haddiscoe NGR: TG448009  WW tower mill (drainage)
? Langley Detached Mill Haddiscoe NGR: TG466045  WW tower mill (drainage)
? Pettingell's Mill Haddiscoe NGR: TG459016  WW tower mill (drainage)
4 Six Mile House Mill Haddiscoe NGR: TG452034  WW  NM
tower mill (drainage) - Derelict. Top open exposing working to elements (2008).
N Hales Hales NGR: TM381971  WW  NM tower mill, now single storey as a part of another structure
1 Halvergate Halvergate NGR: TG416059  WW  NM
tower mill, restoration work was in hand in 2007. Plan is to create working mill.
1 High's Mill
Gilbert's Mill
Lubbock's Mill
Halvergate NGR: TG457072  WW   NM
tower mill, (drainage) preserved for later restoration. Cap but no sails or roof wheel. Remains of scoop wheel.

Mutton's Mill

Manor House Mill

Halvergate NGR: TG441063  WW
flickr  Wiki
tower mill (drainage), restored, 2 of its 4 sails in place.
? Six Mile House Mill Halvergate NGR: TG461098  WW tower mill (drainage)
? Key's Mill Halvergate Marshes NGR: TG462085  WW tower mill
1 Hardley Marshes Hardley Marshes NGR: TG387024 WW   NM
Tower (drainage), being restored, plans to open.
Visitors centre opened.
no top or sails yet (2008)   NWT
7 Harpley Harpley NGR: TF799253  WW  NM
tower mill, 5 + storeys, amongst farm buildings, use unknown
6 Hempnall Hempnall NGR: TM237942  WW   NM
tower mill, now a part of a day care centre.
1 Hickling Hickling NGR: TG408230  WW  NM
tower mill - substantial tower possibly 8 storeys, no sails, but renovation including roof appears to have been done.
2 Stubb Mill
Nudds Mill
Hickling NGR: TG437220  WW
tower mill (drainage), substantially complete, although derelict. remains of scoop wheel, no sails
? Hickling Broad Hickling Broad NGR: TG419221  WW tower mill (drainage)
7 Hindolveston Hindolveston NGR: TG036293  WW   NM tower mill, converted to a house
2 Lower Green Mill Hindringham NGR: TF989374  WW  LB
NM  Wiki
tower mill, converted to a house but in a way that would allow a fantail and sails to be added later. Check again
9 Hingham, Hingham, Mill Corner NGR: TG026018  WW  NM Tower, reduced to 3 storeys, converted, use unknown.
N Heath Mill Holt NGR: TG079370  WW  NM post mill. Roundhouse and piers  overgrown and in woodland.
9 Honingham Honingham NGR: TG101114  WW  NM tower mill, now a part of a house
2 Hobb's Mill Horning NGR: TG347163  WW
Small open framed trestle wind pump mounted on brick piers, substantial parts but no sails and rear wheel is in a different position. Maybe being restored.
1 St Benet's Abbey Horning NGR: TG380158  WW   NM


Tower mill. remains of abbey and mill/gatehouse. It was the only monastery in Britain which survived the Dissolution. Has an annual service on the first Sunday in August. Derelict, no top or sails.
Y St Benet's Level Mill Horning NGR: TG399156  WW   NM
tower mill. has top and sails. Its possible to photograph with Thurne Dyke  wind pump in background, also with sails. flickr
Y Horning Ferry Horning Ferry NGR: TG345166  WW
smock mill, wind pump, Now an unusual holiday home. It has sails.
2 Neave's Mill
Kettles Mill
Horning Marshes NGR: TG365176  WW
tower mill (drainage) - substantial remains including cap, no top wheel or sails.
Y Horsey Horsey NGR: TG457221  WW    NM
tower mill - restored wind pump with sails and full top.   NWT
2 St Helens Mill Horsford NGR: TG190167  WW  LB
tower mill - 4+ storeys, appears derelict, but could be restored, most of workings still in place.
? Dydall's Mill Hoveton St John NGR: TG326171  WW tower mill
9 Ingham
Ingham mill farm
Ingham NGR: TG391251  WW   NM
tower mill. 4+ storeys , derelict.
? Marsh Mill Ingham NGR: TG410264  WW tower mill
Y Turf Fen Mill Irstead NGR: TG369188  WW  NM
tower mill, has sails.
N Kelling Kelling NGR: TG090424  WW  NM post mill, by the 1980's only the remains of 4 brick piers existed.
8 Limpenhoe Marshes Limpenhoe Marshes NGR: TG395019  WW   NM
tower mill - derelict
1 Little Cressingham Little Cressingham NGR: TF870003  WW   NM
tower mill, combined wind and water. 6 storeys. Tower restored but no top or sails. Open on some days, future plans unknown. Owned by Norfolk Windmill Trust. NWT
N Little Melton Little Melton NGR: TG158068  WW   NM tower mill, derelict tower, interior burnt out (as at 2007).
N Little Snoring Little Snoring NGR: TF949338  WW  NM post mill, hardly any remains.  In a copse.
Y Boardman's Mill Ludham NGR: TG370192  WW
Wiki  MO
Open wooden framework trestle mill on four brick piers driving a turbine pump complete with sails and top.  NWT
Y Clayrack Mill Ludham NGR: TG369194  WW
post mill - open framework  pump, with sails and top.  NWT
N High Mill Ludham NGR: TG396184  WW  NM tower mill, reduced, tiled and used as a garage.
5 How Hill Ludham NGR: TG373190  WW   NM
tower mill, now a tall house
N Womack Water Mill Ludham NGR: TG400175  WW   NM tower mill, very derelict.
7 North Mill Ludham Bridge  NGR: TG372172  WW  NM
tower mill, now derelict, was converted to gunnery lookout tower in WW2. Gun placement next to it.
N South Mill Ludham Bridge NGR: TG374169  WW
Red brick piers are all that now remains of this trestle type windmill which would originally have been similar to Boardman's Mill at How Hill.
Tower mil also stood very near (TG374170) demolished in 1960's NM
2 Martham Martham  NGR: TG442192  WW tower mill
Maybe NM, if so is restored with cap to hold fantail, no sails yet. Check position
N Mill Road Mill Mattishall NGR: TG043115  WW  NM tower mill, reduced to 2 storey and converted to house with six sided roof.
N Mill Street Mill Mattishall NGR: TG054108  WW   NM tower mill, now reduced to single storey with corrugated iron roof, next to house.
Y Mautby Mautby Marsh Farm NGR: TG489099  WW   NM
tower mill, restored has sails. Storm damage has broken 5ft off of one sail, early 2008. Repaired?
N Methwold
Old Fetwell Road
Methwold NGR: TL732944  WW  NM tower mill, reduced to 2 storeys. Last reported derelict some years back
8 Mileham Mileham NGR: TF901173  WW  NM
tower mill - large empty shell of tower.
? Mulbarton Mulbarton NGR: TG199019  WW  NM tower mill, last reports - derelict overgrown tower.
9 Neatishead Neatishead NGR: TG339194  WW  NM
tower mill, new roof, no top or sails. Current use unknown.
N Necton Necton  NGR: TF879095  WW   NM tower mill, now single story store room.
3 Nordelph 1 Nordelph NGR: TF561003  WW  NM smock mill, was reduced to 2 story house, then recently back to 3 as a part of an interesting shaped large house.
4 Nordelph 2 Nordelph NGR: TF561009  WW   NM smock mill - converted to a house, similar in shape to the later reshaping in Nordelph 1 above.
N North Creake North Creake NGR: TF853383  WW  NM tower mill was 5 story, later pulled down and rebuilt,  now 3 story  with floors and staircase. Use unknown.
N North Tuddenham  North Tuddenham  NGR: TG046139  WW   NM post mill, now single story store.
1 Norton Subcourse Norton Subcourse NGR: TG403011  WW
tower mill - appears to be restored but no sails.
? Boyce's Dyke Mill Norton Subcourse NGR: TG402008  WW tower mill
4 Peafield Mill Norwich NGR: TG230073  WW  NM
tower mill, 80ft, now residential use.
Y Old Buckenham Old Buckenham NGR: TM062909  WW  NM
tower mill, 5 storey, fully restored, open at times, has sails and full top.

Stow Mill

Paston Mill

Paston NGR: TG316357  WW  NM

tower mill restored, with sails and full top, open.


1 Pilson Green
South Walsham Windmill
Pilson Green NGR: TG379129  WW   NM
post mill, new post mill being construction, 15 years work already completed. sails nearly complete.
6 Potter Heigham Potter Heigham NGR: TG414187  WW  NM tower mill, 6 storey, conical roof, no sails or top. Present use unknown.
? Eelfleet Dyke Mill Potter Heigham NGR: TG449203  WW tower mill
1 High's Mill Potter Heigham NGR: TG429190  WW   NM tower mill, appears to have been renovated, have top. but no fan or sails as at 2008.
? Ranworth Marshes Ranworth Marshes NGR: TG367148  WW post mill
1 Reedham Ferry
The Red Mill
Reedham Ferry NGR: TG409017  WW
tower mill, modern bright red, space ship looking house conversion. No sails or top.
? Reedham Marshes Reedham Marshes NGR: TG467054  WW
1 Cadge's Mill Reedham Marshes NGR: TG446036  WW
tower mill restored, including cap, no sails yet but looks as if they are expected. Part of same project as restoration of Polkey's and North Mill. Very near Polkey's Mill (below) NWT
1 North Mill Reedham Marshes NGR: TG444036  WW
tower mill - derelict shell. Very near Polkey's Mill (below) Plans to restore soon.
Y Polkey's Mill Reedham Marshes NGR: TG444035  WW  NM
tower mill, restored including top and sails, to become centre of pumping museum complex. (with several others)  NM grid ref differs       NWT
? Repps Repps NGR: TG418179  WW tower mill
Y Wind pump museum Morse's Wind Engine Park,   Repps with Bastwick  NGR: TG417174  WW  MO
post mill + Bob Morse's collection of wind engines, open occasionally or by appointment.
1 Ringstead  Ringstead  NGR: TF705416  WW  LB
tower mill, converted to residential use but still has wind shaft and 6 armed cross. originally had six sails. No sails.
N Rockland St Peter  Rockland St Peter  NGR: TL984995  WW  NM
tower mill, last reported reduced to 2 storeys or less and derelict. Located behind a cottage at mill farm geograph
2 Roughton  Roughton  NGR: TG216392  WW  NM
tower mill, converted to Impressive 3 storey HQ of scout group.
N Roydon  Roydon  NGR: TM113806  WW  NM post mill, converted to 2 storey house.
1 Five Mile House Mill Runham  NGR: TG478098  WW
tower mill appears to have been restored including full top, but no sails yet.  WATCH WHAT HAPPENS.
? North Mill Runham Swim NGR: TG470100  WW tower mill
2 South Mill Runham Swim NGR: TG472099  WW
tower mill - appears to have been renovated, cap but no top or sails.
5 Saham Toney  Saham Toney  NGR: TF918018  WW   NM tower mill  - now 5 storey tower house.
Y Scole  Scole  NGR: TM153792  WW   LB
tower mill 5 storey, , LB site shows it restored with full top and sails.
2 Sea Palling  Sea Palling  NGR: TG415267  WW   NM
tower mill, was derelict and for sale April 2008.
Note:- Not Lambrigg Mill this is under Waxham
N Sedgeford  Sedgeford  NGR: TF711367  WW  NM tower mill, now a 3 storey house.
N Fodderston Mill Shouldham Thorpe  NGR: TF658088  WW  NM
tower mill, now connected to a house. tower is 4 storeys. Some windows missing. (2008)
N Dilham Dyke Mill
Wayford Bridge
Smallburgh  NGR: TG344248  WW  NM
tower mill, appears to be a part of a house, tower about 3 storeys.
N May's Mill
Moy's Mill
Smallburgh  NGR: TG353244  WW NM tower mill, reduced to 1 storey, still pumping using a diesel engine. (2008)
1 Howard's Mill South Walsham  NGR: TG462072  WW   NM
tower mill, restored. top and fantail fitted, no sails yet.
(don't confuse with new post mill, South Walsham Mill near Pilson Green).
Y Hunsett Mill Stalham  NGR: TG364239  WW    NM
tower mill, restored and has full top and sails. also a house used for holiday lets. fan blown off top in gale in May 2007 ? Riverside setting.
N Stalham Staithe Stalham Staithe NGR: TG371244  WW  NM tower mill, reduced to single floor building.
Y Starston Starston NGR: TM232843  WW Wiki
post mill, small but has sails   NWT
? Stiffkey Stiffkey NGR: TF966434  WW   NM tower mill, by 1980's 1.5 storey roofless base only.
2 Stoke Ferry Stoke Ferry NGR: TF701004  WW   LB
tower mill, 7 storeys, converted to be a  part of a restaurant.
7 Commission Mill Stokesby NGR: TG422104  WW  NM
tower mill, preserved tower, converted to accommodation, no top or sails as at 2008. See also nearby NM
? Old Hall Mill Stokesby NGR: TG437094  WW tower mill
? Trett's Mill
Stockesby tower mill.
Stokesby with Herringby NGR: TG429106  WW   NM tower mill, last report (1990's) is truncated but standing.
5 Long Stratton Mill
Stratton St Michael Tower Mill
Stratton St Michael NGR: TM207920  WW   NM
tower mill. Converted 5 storey Tower stands in the factory area. No top or sails.
Y Sutton Sutton NGR: TG395238  WW  NM
tower mill, 9 storeys, nearly 80ft high, is a part of a museum on the site. (Part of a 3 attraction group). It has the stocks, large pieces of wood that the sails are connected to but not full sails. Some images show a fantail, but maybe older ones. It is open and has equipment inside.  NWT
N Swanton Morley  Swanton Morley  NGR: TG019171  WW  NM post mill, most of it demolished. 2 storey building remaining. a model of the complete mill exists.
N Balsam Fields Mill Terrington St Clement NGR: TF551188  WW   NM tower mill, was several storeys, reduced to 3, amongst other buildings.
N Thornham Thornham NGR: TF728438  WW  NM
composite mill, by 1980's only a single storey brick base remained, and still does.
Y Thrigby Thrigby NGR: TG468120  WW  NM
post mill restored has sails.
N Great Goliath Mill Thurlton NGR: TM413983  WW  NM
tower mill, reduced to 3 storeys and flat roof
Y Morse's Mill Thurne Dyke NGR: TG401159  WW    LB
NM Prob
tower mill  restored, full top and sails.
See also Horning - St Benet's Level Mill, across the river (also with sails). NWT
N Tittleshall  Tittleshall  NGR: TF889209  WW  NM post mill, demolished 1912.
N Topcroft  Topcroft  NGR: TM265935  WW   NM post mill, remains of just post and trestle.
N Tottenhill Tottenhill NGR: TF637109  WW   NM post mill, reduced to just 5 bricks high.
Y Stracey Arms Mill Tunstall NGR: TG442090  WW
tower mill restored, working with top and sails.      NWT
? Tunstall Dyke Mill Tunstall  NGR: TG422093  WW tower mill
? Acle Mill Tunstall Dyke NGR: TG423092  WW smock mill
1 Black Mill Upton NGR: TG405141  WW   NM
tower mill, restored, with top, no sails yet (2006), also a house. Very near Oby mill, Ashby with Oby, top of page. geograph
Y Palmer's Mill Upton Marshes NGR: TG403129  WW Wiki
Small Hollow post wind pump, restored and brought to current site, has sails.
4 Walpole Highway Mill Walpole St Peter NGR: TF515142  WW   LB
tower mill, restored 4 storey tower, no top or sails.
Y Brograve Mill Waxham or
Sea Palling
NGR: TG448236  WW  NM
tower mill, derelict but remains of 2 sails still in place.
Y Lambrigg Mill
Lambridge Mill
Waxham or
Sea Palling
NGR: TG432252  WW  Wiki tower mill, derelict with some remains of sails.
1 West Marsh Mill West Somerton  NGR: TG464202  WW
tower mill, restored with a top, no fan or sails.
7 Fen End Mill
West Walton highway tower mill
West Walton NGR: TF502117  WW  NM tower mill, 5 storey residence.
2 Ingleborough Mill West Walton NGR: TF473149  WW   NM
tower mill,  8 storeys, originally had 6 sails, no top or sails now, appears derelict.
1 West Winch  West Winch  NGR: TF631167  WW  LB
NM  Wiki
tower mill - cap and sails now gone ? Its unclear what has happened here, photos in the late 1990's showed it fully restored with full cap and sails, later ones show it without.
Need to check
Y Weybourne Weybourne  NGR: TG115431  WW   NM
LB  Wiki
tower mill , 5 storeys, now a house, has sails and top.
N Stone's Mill Wickhampton Marshes  NGR: TG441056  WW
tower mill, derelict.
N Hackford Road Mill Wicklewood NGR: TG068025  WW  NM tower mill, reduced to 3 storeys and included in house.
Y High Street Mill Wicklewood  NGR: TG076026  WW  NM tower mill, had sails and top, cap was taken of in 2005 for restoration work, NM list it as currently having sails (2008).    NWT
? Weybourne ? Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalen NGR: TF597107  WW smock mill
N Ridlington Mill Witton  NGR: TG348323  WW  NM post mill, single storey, possibly part of a greenhouse,
7 Friary Mill
Blakeney towermill
Wiveton  NGR: TG033439  WW  NM
tower mill and farm, given to the National Trust in 1983, 1995 appeared watertight. Tower in a caravan park
6 Worstead mill Worstead  NGR: TG310276  WW  LB
tower mill, now part of a tall house. No sails or top.
7 Silfield Mill Wymondham  NGR: TG128000  WW   NM
tower mill, tower now residential, no sails or top.
? Yaxham  Yaxham  NGR: TG013104  WW  NM tower mill - renovated, use for accommodation in connection with pub. no mention of sails.

Possibly others at  Bressingham, Emneth, East Tunstall, Upwell

See Also

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This list will continue to grow as we come across new places. REMEMBER if know of somewhere that you feel is a good place please let us know.


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