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Where to Photograph Waterfalls in England

We are attempting to list all places where photographers can photograph Waterfalls within England.  This is the start of a list that will both grow over time and hopefully we will be able to add more columns or information.

Where the names in the first column is hyperlinked this links to a Location page with more information on this site and over time more of these will be added, we will be delighted if some of you would like to also produce location pages.

This list is alphabetical by name of Waterfall, however if you are travelling to an area we know it can be useful to find out which waterfalls you might be able to visit, so we have also produced this list as Waterfalls by County. For those who are interested in the Lake District we also have a specific list aimed at the Waterfalls of the Lake District.

Codes: FC = Forestry Commission, Wiki = Wikipedia, NT = National Trust, BE = Britain Express

Note: The external links on this page were last checked and updated in January 2012.



County NGR


Aira Force Penrith Cumbria NY401203 NT Visit Cumbria BE
Aysgarth Falls    Yorkshire SE011886 Wiki 3 waterfalls
Becky Falls Dartmoor Devon SX761800 Own  

Beezley Falls / Baxenghyll Gorge

Ingleton Yorkshire SD705746 Image Geograph on Ingleton walk
Black Rock Falls Dartmoor Devon SX533853    
Black Tor Falls Dartmoor Devon SX574714   POS 2
Bleabeck Force Teesdale Durham NY875277 Image  near High Force
Bowood House Calne Wiltshire ST979703 Own  
Broada Falls Dartmoor Devon SX653669 Geograph  
Canonteign Falls Canonteign Devon SX832824 Own 220ft, see also Lady Exmouth Falls
Cascades (The) Dartmoor Devon SX698708 Geograph
Catrake Force Keld Yorkshire NY891006 Wiki 4 falls
Catrigg Force Stainforce Yorkshire SD832671 Walk Geograph 2 3
Cauldron Waterfall West Burton Yorkshire SE020866 Geograph
Cautley Spout Howgill Fells Cumbria WWD 650-1300ft, largest single 250ft
Clampitt Waterfalls Canonteign Devon SX832824 Part of Canonteign Falls
Clapham Falls Clapham Yorkshire SD746695
Clints Crags Ireshopeburn Durham NY844366 Geograph  
Clovelly Waterfall Clovelly Devon SS317249 BE Down sea cliff
Colwith Force  Ambleside Cumbria NY327031 Visit Cumbria NT
Coutley Spout
(pos Cautley)
Sedbergh Cumbria SD680975 Wiki hillside cascades
Currack Force Keld Yorkshire NY888016 One of a series
Cote Gill Waterfall Arncliffe Cote Yorkshire SD933692 Walk Not on map
Cotter Force Hawes Yorkshire SD848913 Wiki 6 falls
Devils Kitchen Dartmoor Devon SX554832    
Doe Tor Falls Dartmoor Devon SX535851    
East Gill Force Keld Yorkshire NY895012 Wiki 2 falls also known as East Gill Waterfall
see also Kisdon Force.
Esk Falls Cockley Beck Cumbria NY225043 Geograph image
Falling Foss Whitby Yorkshire NZ889036 Own Geograph
Force Gill Waterfall Whernside Yorkshire SD758819 Geograph  2 6m drop
Gaping Gill   Yorkshire SD750727 Wiki  caving routes in Google Image Geograph In a cave - August BH
Ghyll (the) Waterfall Hollington Sussex TQ804116 Geograph may be seasonal
Gibsons cave Newbiggin Durham NY908286 Geograph Near High Force
Gordale Scar Malham Yorkshire SD914640 Wiki Geograph 2 2 falls
Hardcastle Crags Hebden Bridge Yorkshire SD988291 NT  Possibly waterfalls walks
Hardraw Force  Hardraw Yorkshire SD869917 Wiki  Own  
Harewood House Harewood Yorkshire BE  Own
Hellgill Force Grisedale Cumbria SD778965 Geograph 8m
Hestcombe Waterfall Cheddon Fitzpaine Somerset ST243288 Geograph
High Force Middleton-in-Teesdale Durham NY879283 Wiki  Own Impressive
High Force Glenridding Cumbria NY400208 BE Geograph
Horseshoe Falls Dartmoor Devon SX106704 Suspect
Howk Waterfall Caldbeck Cumbria NY319397 BE Geograph 2 3
Ingleton Waterfall Walk

Ingleton Waterfall Trail - River Twiss

Ingleton Waterfall Trail - River Doe

Ingleton Yorkshire SD702742 Own 8 waterfalls on a walk
Janet's Foss Malham Yorkshire SD910633 Wiki  Own  NT
part of Malham Cove
Kinder Downfall
Kinder Scut
Edale Derbyshire SK083889 Wiki Geograph 2

NT image image

30m - may be Seasonal
Kisdon Force Keld Yorkshire NY898010 Wiki Geograph  2  3 a series of falls 2 waterfalls are impressive
Lady Exmouth Falls Canonteign Devon SX832824 Own folly, Part of Canonteign Falls
Light Spout Waterfall Church Stretton Shropshire SO430950 Geograph  
Linton Falls Grassington in Wharfedale Yorkshire SE001633 Geograph  2  
Little Langdale Ambleside Cumbria NY295034 NT  Possible Waterfalls walk
Lodore Falls Borrowdale Cumbria NY265188 Visit Cumbria  BE
Low Force Middleton-in-Teesdale Durham NY902280 Wiki  Geograph 2 Under 2km Downstream from High Force
Lyn valley Lynmouth Devon SS744486 NT Geograph walk with a number of waterfalls
Malham Force Malham Yorkshire WWD 300ft high curtain, Seasonal
Mill Gill Force Askrigg in Wensleydale Yorkshire SD939915 Geograph
North Landing Waterfall Flamborough Yorkshire TA238721 Geograph seasonal
Pecca Falls Ingleton Yorkshire SD695749 on Ingleton walk
Posforth Gill Waterfall Bolton Abbey Yorkshire SE078565 Geograph  2 2 falls
Raddick Hill Falls (Devonport Leat Falls) Dartmoor Devon SX573713 Geograph  2 man made
Rival Falls Ingleton Yorkshire Own on Ingleton walk
Rutter Force Appleby Cumbria NY682158 Visit Cumbria By building with waterwheel
Rydal Hall Gardens Ambleside Cumbria NY367064 Visit Cumbria  Own BE  Geograph Free
Scaleber Force Settle Yorkshire SD841625 Geograph  2
Scale Force Buttermere Cumbria NY150172 Wiki  Visit Cumbria
BE Geograph
170ft, 120ft in one drop
Shavercombe Falls Dartmoor Devon SX595660
Sheffield Park Garden Sheffield Park Sussex TQ415240 NT Capability Brown
Skelwith Force Skelwith Bridge Cumbria NY341034 BE   Geograph
Snow Falls Ingleton Yorkshire SD703743 Geograph
Spout Force Whinlatter Forest Cumbria NY182262 Visit Cumbria  BE
St Nectan's Kieve or St Nectan's Glen Waterfall Tintagel Cornwall SX080885

St Nectans Glen

Tintagel - St Nectans


Stainforth Force Stainforth Yorkshire SD818671 Geograph 2
Stanley Ghyll Force Eskfale Cumbria SD174995 Visit Cumbria  BE
StockGhyll Force Ambleside Cumbria SD385045 Visit Cumbria  BE
Strid (The) Bolton Abbey Yorkshire SE064565 Geograph Possible jump, but some don't make it and perish.
Swinner Gill Waterfalls Keld Yorkshire NY910007 Walk  Geograph
Taylor Gill Force Seathwaite Cumbria NY229109 BE Geograph
Thomasson Foss Waterfall Beck Hole Yorkshire NZ826021 Geograph
Thornton Force Ingleton Yorkshire SD695752 Wiki Own on Ingleton walk
Tom Gill waterfall
Tom Ghyll waterfall
Coniston Cumbria SD321999 BE Geograph  2 3
Uldale Force Rawthey Bridge Yorkshire SD729965 Geograph near
Wain Wath Force Keld Yorkshire NY882015 Wiki Geograph 2
Waterfall (The)
East Dart waterfall
Dartmoor Devon SX627810 Geograph 2
Waterfall Gill Yorkshire SD985568 Geograph small
West Burton Falls (Caudron Falls) West Burton Yorkshire SE019867 Geograph 2  
White Force   Durham NY852280 Image/detail Not far from High Force
White Lady Falls  NT Lyford Devon SX509845 NT  Geograph 2 30m high
Whitfield Gill Force   Yorkshire SD934922 Geograph several waterfalls one with 5m drop
Yealm falls Dartmoor Devon SX617637
Valley of Desolation Bolton Abbey Yorkshire SE081569 Geograph Part of a group of waterfalls which travel down the valley to Posforth Bridge

This list will continue to grow as we come across new places. REMEMBER if know of somewhere that you feel is a good place please let us know.

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