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High Force

Middleton-in-Teesdale, Durham

Location Guide

by Paul Allison

High Force on the River Tees, is spectacular, with a single drop of 21 meters, around 70ft, it can be viewed from the lower river level and path approaching it, and from the higher river level up steps on this northern side. It can also be viewed from a high position over the falls and on the top of the falls on the southern side from a footpath which also forms a part of the Pennine Way long distance path.

You can photograph these falls from the river level, off rocks, but you may not be able to get on these when the river is in full flow. This is accessible off the path to the northern side of the falls, but trees along the path stops the view much of the way. To get a higher level view, use the access to the top of the cliffs giving a view over the falls from the Pennine way, before you reach the top of the falls.

You can photograph the top of the falls from either side but if you want a view down the falls from the top this is easier to achieve from the Pennine Way path side.

In the summer months water flows through a cutting in the rock top and this is the view you see most often of these falls, but when the flow is higher it also comes over in a second place or in much heavier flow over the whole of the top. There is now a reservoir further up the valley and this tends to stop excessive increases in water level.

In the past, in harsh winters, these falls have frozen producing spectacular effects, but this rarely happens now.

It is not, as some times claimed, England's tallest waterfall, there are several that are taller including some with a single drop, however it is probably the most spectacular of the larger falls in England.

by Andy Jamieson

The land and path to the north is on the estate of Raby Castle, which is located 20 miles to the east at Staindrop.

High Force after a storm by John Thorn

In the mist from High Force in February by Les Hull

Location: High Force, Middleton In Teesedale, Durham

Grid Reference: NY880283 Ceremonial County: Durham

Map Link:  StreetMap 

Aerial photo: Google Aerial

Getting there: On the B6277, 4.5 miles from Middleton-in-Teesdale, Co Durham

Access: Across the road from the car park is a fairly level walk down a good path to near the bottom of the falls, steps then go up to the top. There is no way to cross the river at the falls.

From the car park, across the road and to the left a footpath takes you around some woods for around 1000 yards, (1/2 mile) to a substantial bridge over the river. This allows access to the Pennine Way, and after a little climb you get up to a level where you can see over the falls, the path goes on to and past the top of the falls.

Website: Own   Raby Castle
Other Useful Websites: WiKi
Email: teesdaleestate@rabycastle.com
Address: Postal address is: Raby Estates Office, Middleton-in-Teesdale, County Durham, (this is some miles away).
Postcode: DL12 OQH Telephone: 01833 640209
Opening Times: All Year Round

Charges: to north of falls, along path: Easter to end of October Adults 1.50; child (under 16) free; Concessions 1 (tickets from car park). At other times an honesty box is in operation.

Viewing from south of falls over bridge and on footpath: FREE
Parking Charges by entry to path to northern side. Car 2; Motorcycles 1.50

Nearby Locations: Pennine Way, Low Force, White Force

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Notes: May be closed during adverse weather conditions

In the car park there is a Gift Shop (Easter-October) and toilets.


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