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England & Wales Scotland Ireland

Introduction to Lighthouses Section



What are Lighthouses For  

The Development of Lighthouses

Lighthouse Structure

Lighthouse Lights   

Trinity House  

Northern Lighthouse Board  

Commissioners of Irish Lights

History of Lighthouses in Ireland

Staying in or by a Lighthouse

Photographing Lighthouses

Lighthouses Further Information

See Also

Time planning for coastal photography

Coastal Lenses

Filters for Coastal Photography

Photographing Seawater

Coastal Water and sand proofing

Walks Section

Islands Section

Interactive Maps

Lighthouse Map of England and Wales

Lighthouse Map of Scotland

Lighthouse Map of Ireland  


Featured Lighthouses - England and Wales  

Featured Lighthouses - Scotland 

Featured Lighthouses - Ireland  

Featured Lighthouses - Channel Islands   

Featured Lighthouses - IOM  

Lists of Minor Lighthouse and Lights

List of Heritage Coasts

Location Guides

Longstone Lighthouse

Whiteford Lighthouse  

Holy Island Outer Lighthouse

Sanda Lighthouse

Nash Point Lighthouse  


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