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Featured Lighthouses - Scotland

This is a list of lighthouses in Scotland, that have been selected because they are still in use, are historically interesting or of interest to photographers. This list will grow over time as others are identified. One definition of a lighthouse, that we are not sticking totally to, is that a lighthouse is a building that a person can get into now or historically, that contains a light for shipping.

Scotland has very many lighthouses and lights and here we don't want to add them all, just those that would be most interesting for the photographer or tourist. We have another page "List of minor lighthouses and lights - Scotland" that contains some smaller lighthouses, some of a very common block design and other lights. We graded each lighthouse from photos of it, giving them a star rating, those that were one or below have now been transferred to the minor lights listing.

We have a Lighthouse Map of Scotland showing all the lighthouses on this page with hyperlinks to location guides for the lighthouse. Lighthouses with a yellow background below, are shown with a red square, the remaining with yellow squares.

Where the name in the first column is hyperlinked this links to one of our Location pages with more information and over time more of these will be added. We would be delighted if some of you would like to also produce location pages. Those in the list with a yellow band, are those that are open to visitors. Items with a symbol are still being worked on to add detailed histories, and extend information.

Marinas is a website that contains many great aerial images of coastal features, including lighthouses and lights, and we have, where we can identify, added a direct link into their website where you can see several images of the lighthouse, and a map identifying its position. Other images can often be found in Geograph.

Star rating is just a quick guide to which are perhaps the most interesting.

Codes: NLB = Northern Lighthouse Board  Marinas = Marinas.com   = still being worked on

Lighthouse  Star

In use now

County  NGR  links  Notes
Ailsa Craig Lighthouse  2 Yes Ayrshire NX025996 NLB   Marinas
Ardnamurchan Lighthouse and Museum  3  Yes Argyllshire NM416674 Wikipedia  NLB  Open detail   Trust Ardnamurchan Leaflet   Marinas Open with a museum
Arnish Point Lighthouse  2   Ross-shire NB432308 Marinas  
Auskerry Lighthouse    4  Yes Orkney HY672155 NLB  Marinas  
Barns Ness Lighthouse  3  No East Lothian NT723771 Wikipedia   NLB     
Barra Head Lighthouse  3  Yes Inverness-shire NL548803 Wikipedia   NLB     
Barrel of Butter  2  Yes Orkney Isles HY355007 NLB   Marinas  
Bass Rock Lighthouse  3  Yes East Lothian NT602872 Wikipedia   NLB  Marinas  
Bell Rock Lighthouse    3  Yes Fife NO762269 Wikipedia   NLB    Geograph Oldest existing rock lighthouse in UK
 2  Yes Shetland HU489375 Wikipedia  NLB Geograph  
Brough of Birsay Lighthouse  3*  Yes Orkney Isles HY232286 NLB    Marinas  
Buchan Ness Lighthouse  3  Yes Aberdeenshire NK136422 NLB    Marinas  
Butt of Lewis Lighthouse  3  Yes Ross-shire NB519665 Wikipedia  NLB    Marinas  
Calf of Eday Lighthouse  2  Yes Orkney Isles HY564392 Marinas  
Cantick Head Lighthouse    3  Yes Orkney Isles ND347894 NLB  Marinas  
Cape Wrath Lighthouse  3  Yes Sutherland NC259747 Wikipedia   NLB      Marinas  
Cava Lighthouse  2  Yes Orkney Isles HY322005 Marinas  
Chanonry Lighthouse  2  Yes Inverness-shire NH750556 Wikipedia  NLB      Marinas  
Clythness Lighthouse  3  No Caithness ND290363 Marinas  
Copinsay Lighthouse    3  Yes Orkney Isles HY613013 NLB   Marinas  
 3  Yes Argyllshire NN016635 Marinas  
Corsewall Lighthouse  4  Yes Wigtownshire NW978728 Wikipedia    NLB    Marinas .
Covesea Skerries Lighthouse  3  Yes Morayshire NJ203713 Wikipedia    NLB   Marinas  
Crammag Head lighthouse    2  Yes Wigtownshire NX088340 Marinas  
Crinan Canal Lighthouse    2  Yes Argyllshire NR788944 Marinas  
Cromarty Lighthouse   2  No Ross-shire NH786677 NLB    Marinas  
 3  Yes Argyllshire NR760205 NLB    Marinas  
Dubh Artach Lighthouse  3  Yes Argyllshire NM121029 Wikipedia   NLB   
Dubh Sgeir lighthouse  2  Yes Argyllshire NM727119 Marinas  
Duncansby Head Lighthouse  2  Yes Caithness ND406733 Wikipedia   NLB    Marinas  
Dunnet Head Lighthouse  3  Yes Caithness ND202767 Wikipedia   NLB Marinas  
Eilean Ban lighthouse    3   Inverness-shire NG745270 Marinas  
Eilean Glas Lighthouse     3  Yes Ross-shire NG246947 Wikipedia   NLB    Marinas  
Esha Ness Lighthouse    2  Yes Shetland HU205784 Wikipedia   NLB  
Fair Isle North Lighthouse    2  Yes Shetland HZ221741 NLB    Geograph Wikipedia  
Fair Isle South Lighthouse    3  Yes Shetland HZ198698 NLB    Geograph Wikipedia  
Fidra Lighthouse  2  Yes East Lothian NT512869 Wikipedia   NLB    Marinas  
Fife Ness Lighthouse  2  Yes Fife NO637098 Wikipedia   NLB    Marinas  
Flada Lighthouse  2  Yes Argyllshire NM721123 Marinas  
Flannan Islands Lighthouse  2  Yes Ross-shire NA726468 NLB    Marinas  
Foula Lighthouse   1 Yes Shetland HT967364 NLB
Girdle Ness Lighthouse  3*  Yes Aberdeenshire NJ971053 NLB    Marinas  
Helliar Holm Lighthouse  2  Yes Orkney Isles HY484150 Marinas
Holburn Head Lighthouse  2  No Caithness ND106707 Wikipedia   NLB    Marinas  
Holy Island Inner Lighthouse   2  Yes Buteshire NS062286 Marinas  
Holy Island Outer Lighthouse 2 Yes Buteshire NS068292 Marinas
Hoy High Lighthouse  3  Yes Orkney Isles HY267061 Hoy Low Lighthouse   Marinas  
Hyskeir Lighthouse Small Isles  3  Yes Inverness-shire NM156961 Wikipedia   NLB     
Inchkeith Lighthouse  2*  Yes Mid Lothian NT292828 Wikipedia   NLB    Marinas  
Isle of May Lighthouse    2  Yes Fife NT654993 Wikipedia   NLB    Isle of May Lighthouse Marinas  
Killantringan Lighthouse  3*  No Wigtownshire NW981564 NLB    Marinas  

Kinnaird Head Lighthouse

and Scotland's Lighthouse Museum

 2  Yes Aberdeenshire NJ998674 Wikipedia   NLB    Open detail  Scotland's Lighthouse Museum  Marinas Open Scotland's Lighthouse Museum
Lady Isle Lighthouse     3  Yes Ayrshire NS274293 Wikipedia  Marinas  
 3*  Yes Argyllshire NM778351 NLB    Marinas  
Little Cumbrae Lighthouse  2*  Yes Ayrshire NS141513 Marinas  
Little Ross light  3   Kirkcudbrightshire NX659432 Marinas  
McArthurs Head Lighthouse  2*   Argyllshire NR463597 Marinas  
Monach Island Lighthouse  3  Yes Inverness-shire NF591627 Wikipedia    NLB     
Muckle Flugga Lighthouse    3  Yes Shetland Isles HP606197 Wikipedia    NLB   
Mull of Galloway Lighthouse  3*  Yes Wigtownshire NX156304 NLB    Open detail   Trust  Mull Of Galloway Leaflet     Live webcam   Marinas  Open
Mull of Kintyre Lighthouse  2  Yes Argyllshire NR587084 NLB    Marinas  
Neist Point Lighthouse  2  Yes Inverness-shire NG126471 NLB    Marinas  
Newhaven East Pier Lighthouse  2   Mid Lothian NT255775 Marinas  
North Ronaldsay Lighthouse  3*  Yes Orkney Isles  HY784560 NLB    Open detail  Trust  North Ronaldsay Leaflet     Live webcam    Marinas  Open
Noss Head Lighthouse  3   Caithness ND387550 NLB    Marinas  
Noup Head Lighthouse  3*   Orkney Isles HY391499 NLB    Marinas  
Ornsay Lighthouse Sleat of Sound  3  Yes Inverness-shire NG713121 NLB    Marinas (beacon) Marinas  
Out Skerries Lighthouse  3  Yes Shetland HU701719 NLB     
 2*  Yes Mid Lothian NT202818 Marinas  
Pentland Skerries Lighthouse  3  Yes Orkney Isles ND464784 NLB  Marinas  
Pepper Pot Lighthouse  2*   Argyllshire NN095767 Marinas  
Pladda Lighthouse, Isle of Arran  3*  Yes Buteshire NS027190 NLB    Marinas  
Port Ellen Lighthouse  2*   Argyllshire NR349442 Marinas  
Rattray Head Lighthouse  3  Yes Aberdeenshire NK110578 NLB  Marinas  
Rinns of Islay Lighthouse  3  Yes Argyllshire NR163514 Wikipedia    NLB    Marinas  
Rona Lighthouse, South Rona  3  Yes Inverness-shire NG634611 NLB    Marinas  
Ruadh Sgeir Lighthouse  2   Argyllshire NR702913 Marinas  
Rubh Re/Rua Reidh Lighthouse  3  Yes Ross-shire NG739918

NLB  Marinas 

Rubha Cadail
 2   Ross-shire NH089974 Marinas  
Rubha Nan Gall Lighthouse  2   Argyllshire NM508569 Marinas  
Rudh An Duin Lighthouse  2  Yes Argyllshire NR257588 Marinas  
 3*  Yes Argyllshire NR425791 NLB  Marinas  
 4  Yes Argyllshire NR725037 NLB    Marinas  
Sanday Island lighthouse  2*  Yes Inverness-shire NG297042 Trust    Marinas  
Scurdie Ness Lighthouse  3  Yes Angus NO733567 NLB    Marinas  
Sgeir Bhuidhe Lighthouse  2*   Argyllshire NM905462 Marinas  
Skerryvore Lighthouse  3*  Yes Argyllshire NL839262 NLB  Wikipedia    Marinas  
Skervuile Lighthouse  3*   Argyllshire NR603714 Marinas  
Southerness Lighthouse  2*  No Kirkcudbrightshire NX977541 Wikipedia   Marinas Scotland's second oldest lighthouse
St Abb's Head Lighthouse  3  Yes Berwickshire NT914692 Wikipedia    NLB    Marinas  
Start Point Lighthouse  3  Yes Orkney Isles HY787435 NLB    Open detail  Start Point Leaflet    Marinas  Open
Stoer Head Lighthouse  3  Yes Sutherland NC003329 NLB    Marinas  
Strathy Point Lighthouse  2  Yes Sutherland NC827699 NLB    Marinas  
 3  Yes Caithness ND353792 Wikipedia    NLB    Marinas  
Suil Ghorm Lighthouse  2   Argyllshire NM279658 Marinas  
Sule Skerry Lighthouse  3  Yes Sutherland HX622244  NLB     
Sumburgh Head Lighthouse  2  Yes Shetland Isles HU409077 Wikipedia     Wikipedia   NLB  
Tarbat Ness Lighthouse  3*  Yes Ross-shire NH947876 Wikipedia  NLB     Marinas  
Tayport High

Tayport West Light

 3   Fife NO447293 Marinas - High Light   Tayport Low Light (Tayport East Light)  Tayport Pile Light (Old Larick Beacon)    
Tiumpan Head Lighthouse  3 Yes Ross-shire NB573377 NLB    Marinas  
Tod Head Lighthouse 1 NO Kincardineshire NO869769 NLB  Marinas
Tor Ness
 2*  Yes Orkney Isles ND251886  NLB  Marinas  
 2  No Argyllshire NS136672 Wikipedia   Marinas  

Turnberry Point Lighthouse

 3  Yes Ayrshire NS196072 NLB    Marinas  
Ushenish Lighthouse  2  Yes Inverness-shire NF873350 NLB     
Ve Skerries Lighthouse  3   Shetland   NLB  
Waternish Lighthouse  2  Yes Inverness-shire NG232669 NLB referred to as Vaternish by the NLB.


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Lighthouse Map of Scotland

List of minor lighthouses and lights - Scotland  

This list will continue to grow as we come across new places. REMEMBER if know of somewhere that you feel is a good place please let us know.


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