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Topic Index - Editing, Printing and Publishing 

Colour Management

Colour management outlined  

Colour Management in more detail.

Printer Profiling

Profiling Equipment

Screen Profiling


The software choices available for Nikon digital photographers.

Nikon Firmware and Software Versions

Nikon Capture NX2 - Overview

ViewNX for CNX2 and Nikon Transfer

Free Organising Software

Software Techniques

Burning and Dodging lighter is 'dodging', darker is 'burning'.

Chromakey and lumakey, for photographers, TV and film

Making Buildings Stand Up Straight. Overcoming the problem of buildings sloping backwards 

Making People Disappear

The Money Tree a project from from camera, through editing to output.

Photoshop and D300/D60 raw files 

Resetting the way windows links to a program when a camera is connected.

Metadata, Keywords and Captions

Organising and Indexing Your Images

Flags and Filters

Keywords and Captions


Backup and Security

Backing up your photo collections

External Hard Drives


Taking a Look at Printers for the Photographer

Economy/Small Printers

Print On Demand Desktop Printers

Event Printers

Ink in Printers

Printer Profiling

Printing on a Budget

No Cost Low Cost Media

Printing Calendars


Making your own Photography Book

Printing Photo Books Yourself

Suppliers of print your own Photography books

Photography book suppliers


ISBN numbers - the numbers and barcodes you see on books for sale.

Copyright Libraries - an obligation to give 6 copies to various libraries if you are offering books to the public.


Producing Calendars

Producing Calendars at Home

Printing Calendars

An Income from Calendars

Selling Pictures to Calendar Publishers

Charity and Fund Raising Calendars

Calendar Templates

Calendar Further Information

Calendar Links

Mounting and Framing

Digital Photo Frames  small to wall sized. Comparing one with another, and comparing different sources, sizes and prices.

Overview of framing and mounting, Introductory article with outline of the options and areas for further research.



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