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How do I get Photoshop to read my New camera RAW files ?

To be able to get Photoshop to read/load the D300/D3/D60 RAW files you need to download an update for the Photoshop Camera RAW Plug In. This update is for Photoshop CS3 and Photoshop Elements 5 and 6 users. To do this follow this:-

Go to www.adobe.co.uk put mouse over Downloads and then take Downloads Home

From right-hand side panel take

    Camera Raw Plug In 4.4 Update (or later)

    April 10th 2008

    Windows   Macintosh

Select the option relevant to whether you have a Windows based or Mac computer

When you get to the page
its headed Camera Raw 4.4.1 update (which in fact is on their US website)

Or you can take this Direct Link  (which bypasses the UK site)


The page gives instructions on how to download and what to do with it when you have it on your computer.

Updated: 03/09/2008

This is likely to be continually updated as new camera models come on the market, so when you go to update the issue numbers (4.4.1) may be different. They usually only have one update (the latest) available at a time. We will try to update this page regularly the updated date will keep you informed of the last time we checked.


This page:

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Text linking: Photoshop and D300/D60 raw files on Photographers Resource 

Linking Instructions                            http://www.photographers-resource.co.uk/