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Producing Calendars

Producing Calendars at Home

Printing Calendars

An Income from Calendars

Selling Pictures to Calendar Publishers

Charity and Fund Raising Calendars

Calendar Templates

Photographers diary - events, sites to photograph, natures calendar and more, select from menu bar on left.

Guide to Roman Numerals

Perpetual Calendar

Calendar Further Information More external links can be found here to Calendar Publishers, Printers and other calendar template resources.


External links

Calendar with moon phases if wanted, and local holidays etc, year or month, plus printer friendly formats, many options including different places. You can take years backwards or forwards a very long way, why not put your birth year in.

BBC - Holy days and festivals everywhere, by month, and by faith, looking forward at least 2 years, you now have an excuse to party everyday!

Daylight saving dates around the world.

Historic calendars explained



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