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Hiding Images using Hide Image on the Nikon DSLR cameras, use it to remove images from view when showing slide shows or when needing them to be unviewable by others.

Chimping explained 

FX or DX Sensors

Early Photo Sizes 

List of Film Sizes

Cross Reference of Films  

In camera labelling

Lightfield Camera or Plenoptic Camera  


Nikon Firmware and Software Versions

Nikon International Warranties. The situation is with Nikon's International Warranty scheme with UK and overseas purchases.

Nikon DSLR's Price comparisons across suppliers as at February 2009

Comparison of Nikon cameras in the current range as at February 2009

D40 as a second or carry with you camera 

D60 - Introduction 


Canon DSLR Price Comparisons across suppliers as at February 2009


Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D Camera and Viewer


Dust and the Nikon DSLR Overview Dust,  How to detect it, how to get rid of it on images and out of the camera.

Nikon DSLR Dust Check operation. The process involved in checking for dust on a Nikon DSLR.

Cleaning the Nikon DSLR Filter. Options and method for Cleaning the Sensor of dust 

Using Capture NX to remove dust from images

Dust and the Nikon D300 and D60 cameras. Dust and the removal plus menu selections.



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