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In Camera Labelling

In your camera menus, possibly well hidden, you are likely to have a means to add a comment or description into the data element of your photographs.

We are going to look at this using a Nikon camera, its likely that in most other makes you will have something similar. Some entry level models are unlikely to have this feature, but most mid and top range cameras are likely to.

In many of the Nikon cameras this is located, illogically, in the setup rather than shooting menu.  Well down the menu you will find 'image comment' selecting this you will see you have two options, 'input comment' and 'attach comment'.

You use input comment to get to a screen allowing you to select letters, numbers and other information in order to set up your comment. Having done this it is not going to have any affect.

We need to go into attach comment and in affect turn on the comment, and then it will be added to each photograph until we turn this off again.

The Nikon D2X and D3 also has a capability to record an audio tag, allowing you to say where or what it is that has been photographed.

Other options

When uploading your photographs, you can use software that will label all images with common data. Nikon users using Nikon Transfer (FREE) will find that they can set up a number of standard profiles, and select, modify some fields and apply this to all photos uploaded from the card. As you can also selectively upload from the card you can make changes to different groups of images if you wish.

Geotagging images is also a possibility, showing the position that the photographing was taken from


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