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Where to Photograph Major Waterfalls
Around the World

We are attempting to list all places where photographers can photograph major waterfalls around the world. This is the start of a list that will both grow over time and hopefully we will be able to add more columns or information.

Where the names in the first column is hyperlinked this links to a Location page with more information on this site and over time more of these will be added, we will be delighted if some of you would like to also produce location pages.

Significant waterfalls are listed alphabetically. Please Note:

  • Entries on Bold are within the UK.
  • The source of this information is Wikipedia.

Note: The external links on this page were last checked and updated in January 2012.




Angel Falls Venezuela Angel Falls World's highest at 979 metres (3212 feet) in Venezuela.
Bambarakanda Falls Sri Lanka's Bambarakanda Falls Sri Lanka's tallest waterfall at 263m
Bridalveil Fall USA Bridalveil Fall Yosemite Valley is 189m (620 ft) high with a sheer drop when flowing
Cascata delle Marmore Italy Cascata delle Marmore Tallest manmade waterfall in the world ?
Cautley Spout UK Cautley Spout 175 m (580ft) is the highest waterfall in England
Colonial Creek Falls USA Colonial Creek Falls Tallest waterfall in North America at 2,584ft (788m), is located in the North Cascades National Park, Washington, United States.
Eas a' Chual Aluinn UK Eas a' Chual Aluinn At 200m (658ft), is the highest waterfall in both Scotland and the United Kingdom.
Gocta Peru Gocta Fifth-highest in the world at 771m (2532ft) and located in the province Chachapoyas, Peru.
Hannoki Falls Japan Hannoki Falls The tallest waterfall in Asia at 1,640ft (500m) and located in Tateyama, Japan.
High Force UK High Force On the River Tees, is one of the tallest waterfalls in England
Huangguoshu Waterfall  China Huangguoshu Waterfall  Anshun, Guizhou, China, is the largest waterfall in Asia.
Iguazu Falls Argentina/Brazil Iguazu Falls Tall and extremely wide falls located in South America on the Argentina/Brazil border.
Jog Falls India Jog Falls India's eighth highest (listed as 314 ranking on the World Waterfall Database), located in Karnataka state, India.
Jurong Falls Singapore Jurong Falls Singapore is the tallest artificial waterfall in the world. ?
Kaieteur Falls Guyana Kaieteur Falls On the Potaro River in central Guyana, south America, located in the Kaieteur National Park, is 226m (741ft).
Krimmler Wasserfälle Austria Krimmler Wasserfälle 380m, is Austria's second tallest waterfall and located in Krimml, Salzburg, Austria.
Multnomah Falls USA Multnomah Falls 611 feet (186m) high and 30ft wide. Oregon
Niagara Falls USA Niagara Falls 

The most powerful falls in North America.

Planning a Niagara Falls Trip

Pissing Mare Falls USA Pissing Mare Falls At 350m (1148ft), are the highest in eastern North America.
Pistyll Rhaeadr UK Pistyll Rhaeadr The highest waterfall in Wales at 240ft (73m)
Ramnefjellsfossen Norway Ramnefjellsfossen The world's third highest at 808m (2685ft), at Stryn, Nesdalen, Norway
Rhine Falls Switzerland Rhine Falls Europe's widest and located in Switzerland.
ShirAbad Waterfall Iran ShirAbad Waterfall Located in Golestan, Khanbebin, Shirabad.
St.Clair's Falls Sri Lanka St.Clair's Falls Sri Lanka's widest waterfall 265ft high.
Swallow Falls UK Swallow Falls One of Wales's largest waterfalls.
Takakkaw Falls Canada Takakkaw Falls 384m (1260 feet) in Yoho National Park in Canada.
Tequendama Falls Colombia Tequendama Falls 132m high waterfall on the Bogotá River, about 30km southwest of Bogotá in Colombia.
Tugela Falls South Africa Tugela Falls The world's second highest at 947m (3110ft) in KwaZulu-Natal province, Republic of South Africa.
Victoria Falls Zimbabwe/Zambia Victoria Falls The largest waterfall in the world and is more than a mile long. It is located on the Zambezi river on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia.
Waihilau Falls Hawaii, USA Waihilau Falls Tallest waterfalls in the United States at 2,600ft (792m), are located in the Waimanu Valley, Hawaii, United States.
Yosemite Falls USA Yosemite Falls Second tallest in North America at 2,425ft, is located in Yosemite National Park, United States.
Yumbilla Falls Peru Yumbilla Falls The world's fifth tallest waterfall and located in Peru.

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This list will continue to grow as we come across new places. REMEMBER if know of somewhere that you feel is a good place please let us know.

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