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White Horses

Uffington white horse  Uffington, Oxfordshire

Alton Barnes white horse  Alton Barnes,

Broad Town white horse  Broad Town,

Cherhill white horse  nr Calne, Wiltshire

aka Oldbury White Horse

Devizes white horse  Devizes, Wiltshire

Hackpen white horse  Broad Hinton, Wiltshire

aka Broad Hinton White Horse

aka Winterbourne Bassett White Horse

Marlborough white horse  nr Marlborough,

aka Preshute White Horse

Pewsey white horse  Pewsey, Wiltshire

Westbury white horse  nr Westbury, Wiltshire

aka Bratton White Horse

Cleadon Hills white horse  Tyne and Wear

Folkestone white horse  Folkestone, Kent

Heeley Millennium Park white horse  Sheffield,
                                               South Yorkshire

Kilburn white horse  Yorkshire

Litlington white horse  Sussex

aka Cuckmere White Horse

Mormond white horse  Strichen,  

aka Strichen White Horse

Osmington white horse  Dorset

Woolbury white horse  Hampshire

White Horse & Hillside Feature Section

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Listings of Hillside Figures

A listing of Hillside Figures, lists some of the Hillside Figures to be found in England, Scotland and Wales including White Horses, and gives the county, nearest place and a grid reference. Some of the sites we have featured are linked from this page.

Hillside Figures Related Articles

Introduction to hillside figures is an introductory article looking at what they are, what they may have been used for and covers a range of theories without settling on any one. This is a good place to start.

How to photograph hillside figures  looks at what is involved in photographing hillside figures and how to go about it.

National Grid is a page looking at how to convert the Ordnance Survey grid references into other coordinates, and use them to access the same locations in other mapping and aerial photography sites like Google Maps. You can also convert it to a postcode. You may also find this useful if you want to use a Satnav to get you near to the location using the postcode or exactly there using the latitude and longitude. This page also has links to gazetteers, and some other information that may make finding places easier. It also explains a little about the mapping system and maps available.

Cerne Abbas Giant, Dorset

Long Man of Wilmington, Sussex

Julian's Bower, Alkborough, Lincs





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