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Promoting your locations, services or products without cost and advertising on Photographers Resource


Although the Photographers Resource Magazine is a non profit publication, published by a not for profit company, we do have to both minimize our costs and cover our expenses. We do this in part by taking up offers from those who would like to invite us to visit, stay, look at products and the like, and the website costs get covered by a sponsor in exchange for being allowed to place some advertising and advertising features on the website.

This page points you in the direction to find out more about these areas.

We also have an article on Why we have Advertising.

This page has links first to pages that relate to advertising, and then below to pages that explain how to get your locations, products, services or other items featured on Photographers Resource, in most cases this does not cost you anything. The practice is very similar to national newspapers, printed magazines and broadcasters.

Advertising On Photographers Resource

Advertising Features

Classified advertisements

Display and banner advertising

Potential advertisers - see the subweb we have had put together that explains what is available to you.

Inclusion in Photographers Resource

Locations or places open to the public

Products and services for review

Hotels, B&B, tours and other Travel related information

National, Regional or Area Tourist Organisations

Training and Experience Providers 

Inclusion in the Photographers Calendar

Please use the contact us page links to tell us about events. You can tell us well in advance so that we can add it to our database that is used to build the months diaries. There is no cost to be included. Advertising is also available within this section, see the subweb we have had put together that explains what is available to you.


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