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Inclusion of Locations in Photographers Resource

Inclusion of locations in Photographers Resource Magazine

Locations open to the public, people offering products or services and others will see the benefit to themselves in being featured within Photographers Resource, and may like to look at what they can do to bring this about. On this page we look at locations, other pages available from Promotion cover other aspects.


The majority of the articles, location guides and tables, as well as other information is written by our editorial team and is as far as possible neutral, giving a fair and balanced view. A lot of the time they visit places as  members of the public, and pay their entry fees as any other person, selecting those places to include on the basis of the theme or topic they are covering. As travel and other costs are high they will often cover several places in a day and will not often go back again on a regular basis or at more ideal times of day, season or year. On this basis it is just not possible to visit every potential location. Similarly its not practical to visit more than a small number of the diary events.

Some other locations are covered, that have not been visited, with information based on website information, Wikipedia or photographs that can be publicly used. Some location guides are also submitted by readers.

Location Guides are all edited by the editorial team, although a very small number are submitted by readers, we have a section explaining how this is done, available from the 'help required' button on the menu on the left. While we encourage this we don't get a large number sent in. Where submitted by others the editorial team lay out the material and cut from it, obvious advertisements that would not normally appear, or particularly flowery descriptions or exaggerated enthusiasm, as they are an information resource. We also often add other material to them, they are then put on a special section of the site available only to those who have sent in information so they can check the page over before it is put up live. One route to be included is to write or have someone write a guide, and send it in, this then costs you nothing.

The second alternative is to send us an invitation, including entry tickets for 4 people. We don't guarantee to come but it does draw your location to our attention and we do try to include many of these places as soon as we are able. As there are 4 of us, purchasing entry tickets for large numbers of places is a drain on resources so we often cannot visit as many places as we would like to. Where we have tickets or an invitation in another form we can often include these places far sooner than we would have got around to visiting them without this incentive.

Special photographic access

You may also like to offer us special photographic facilities, such as the opportunity to come and take photographs that would not normally be possible, perhaps because photography is not usually allowed within the building or where we can get access to areas with a member of your staff that is not available to the public. We have a lot of equipment, special lenses, lighting etc, so can often achieve far more than others, including other professional photographers, so often the images we are able to get are beyond what you will have seen before. This is often a facility that is offered to the press or broadcast media so is something that you will be used to offering. We then make a feature of our visit, and you get included at no cost to you.

If you would like to offer a special photography day to our readers, then we would also be interested in discussing what you have in mind and if we can work with you on this. In a small number of places we may be able to run special facilities or bring in resources to make this possible.

Advertising features and advertising on Photographers Resource

If you want to write your own advertising feature you can also do that, retaining editorial control, please see the page Advertising Features . The editorial team don't organise this, it is dealt with by Maximum Coverage Ltd, who also look after Classified advertisements and Display and banner advertising.

Also see the subweb we have had put together that explains what is available to you.

To contact the editorial team about offering photographic opportunities or on where to send tickets etc please see the contact us page.


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