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We at Photographers Resource Magazine want to involve everyone in providing photographers and others with as much information as possible. As a part of this we indicate the type of page that we are linking to, be it an external link or one of the page types what we have within Photographers Resource, we do this by including small symbols after the links, the first of which is the page type. Irrelative of who creates an article, table, location guide or gallery, it is edited by the editorial team, providing consistency and removing over flowery enthusiasm and the like as well as too many plugs for books, services or products connected with the author of the page.

With advertising features it is necessary to give up this level of control, we will still check all items and make sure, as far as we can, that they are not misleading readers or are obviously inaccurate, but we cannot check out all claims, facts, measurements and other information to the same degree as we do with our other pages. They may on occasions also represent the views of advertisers that may differ from our own views.

As a non profit publication, we are interested in the service that we can provide, not generating revenue, and for this reasons Photographers Resource carries very little advertising. It has however to still be able to be produced, have websites, cover some costs and the like. This is done by having sponsors, this includes Maximum Coverage Ltd, who cover a lot of the costs in exchange for a limited amount of advertising space that they can sell. Maximum Coverage Ltd wanted to offer, as a part of this, advertising features, allowing advertisers to largely control the content, while still fitting within our design criteria and concepts.  This would allow advertisers to have their say as a part of the overall photographic community, largely free of editorial control as they can with printed magazines, magazine supplements and newspaper features, although with many of these we feel there is a problem in that readers are not always aware that the material has been inserted for a fee, rather than under normal editorial control.

We feel that they can add to the whole, and be beneficial to readers as well as helping our main sponsor to cover costs, providing that we can draw readers attention to the fact that they are advertising features. Initially we thought of doing this just by replacing the article label at the top of article pages with featured article, but as we have featured location guides that are not advertising, we thought this could be misleading and we needed to make it far clearer that the page was an advertising feature.

The solution we have chosen is to use a green edge to pages that are advertising features, to label them clearly as 'Advertising Feature' at the top and bottom of the page and to add to our page types, a symbol to indicate that it is an advertising feature, this symbol is AF  The logic of this is that it is similar to the indicating a system page on this site, and has a green background to match the page edging.

Advertising features are written by the advertiser or someone for them, although Maximum Coverage Ltd can arrange for someone to do this for them if they wish, for a fee, and are included in the system for a minimum time, after which the advertiser can withdraw them if they wish, with a little notice. Advertisers can and are encouraged to update the Advertising feature pages.

If you feel any advertising feature is misleading, materially wrong or should not be shown in its current form, please initially contact the advertiser, pointing out the problem or concern, and in many cases where there is an inaccuracy they will be able to resolve this. If you are still not satisfied with the outcome please contact Maximum Coverage Ltd about this, pointing out the problem and sending them copies of all correspondence with the advertiser. If they are not able to resolve this to your satisfaction then please draw it to the attention of the Photographers Resource editorial team, who have the right to ask for a particular advertisement to be withdrawn if they feel the situation justifies it. It would be very difficult to have a 4 sided conversation (reader, advertiser, MC, PR) with everyone kept informed, and make rapid progress, the tendency would be for there to be large delays and no one really pushing it along with so many other demands on our time. The process we have outlined puts the reader in the driving seat to make sure progress is made. We would suggest that if you don't get a reply to your correspondence within 14 working days, or have reached a point where you cannot agree, then you move to the next stage.

Potential advertisers - If you are interested in advertising or in having an advertising feature then please see the subweb we have had put together that explains what is available to you.


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