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Promotion of Training and Experience Providers

Training providers

You may like to look at Advertising Features , as you write these yourself you can say what you believe, which is likely to be different to us.

Our philosophy is that those attending training are clients and friends, they deserve as much help as possible, including off subject help. The objective, in our view is the empowerment of the client, allowing them to achieve as many of their goals as possible.

So as training providers if you start talking to us about punters and leading your flock, then don't expect us to feel that you are approaching this as best you could, and we feel its likely these attitudes will result in a poorer service.

We also believe in 1 to 1 training, where everything can be hands on and centred on the client, rather than any plan or script.  This quite naturally means that when someone starts talking about a conference style seminar with many people present, we cannot really see much can be achieved.

Having said this we are always in favour of a balanced view and allowing others to put their point of view and we feel that the best way for you to do this is by using Advertising Features, with these you get to put your point of view and promote the service that you want to, and we don't edit it, or comment upon it.

Experience Providers

We are able to attend and review some of the experience events put on by others. We have no problem in doing this completely neutrally as the central part of these events is the experience that you have arranged and in most cases is more support than training that is being provided. We cannot become involved in supporting or training your clients and introduce ourselves to your clients as a feature writer for Photographs Resource, not mentioning any contact with training or other provision.

Our staff member should be treated like your other clients in terms of provision, including food and accommodation if provided, so that a fair appraisal can be given. We don't offer any contribution towards your cost, and expect you to provide everything at no cost including the above and entry fees etc. We don't expect you to contribute towards us getting to the experience events, if it is within the UK, outside the UK, we will look at each situation independently.

While with locations we might send up to 4 people, usually with experience events it is just one reviewer that attends.

The start point should be to invite us to attend at no cost giving us the date, and other details. 


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