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Introduction to Abbey Section

Abbeys, Monasteries, Friaries, Cathedrals and
other Religious Buildings in Britain


  • Introduction to abbeys section looks at what you can find, how as a time detective you can deduce far more and introduces the other information within this section.

Background Information


Location Guides

Are accessible from the lists below, or you can see a full list by clicking here

Listings of Abbeys and Religious Buildings


Titchfield Abbey, Hampshire

Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire

Muchelney Abbey, Somerset

Tintern Abbey, South Wales

Abbeys and Religious Buildings by County


Penmon Priory, Penmon, Anglesey

Tintern Abbey, South Wales


Balnakeil Church, nr Durness, Sutherland

Dundrennan Abbey, Dumfriesshire


Once these have been done we will also add a full alpha list.

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