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Abbeys and Religious Buildings in Bedfordshire

We are attempting to list all places where photographers can photograph Abbeys and Religious buildings within the UK, by county. This is the start of a list that will both grow over time and hopefully we will be able to add more columns or information. This same information is also available in alphabetical order.

Where the names in the first column is hyperlinked this links to a Location page with more information on this site and over time more of these will be added, we will be delighted if some of you would like to also produce location pages.

Codes Used on this page:-

Wiki=Wikipedia  EH = English Heritage  NT=National Trust  PEH = Pastscape F.=Founded  Dis. Dissolved

Condition: [A] First rate example; [B] Major Remains; [C] Identifiable Remains; [D] Modest Remains;
[E] Little Surviving


Alt. Name * [Formal Name / dedication]

Location Grid
Ref or Lat/long

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Communities & history [condition]

Beadlow Priory

Beaulieu Priory

52░02′01″N 0░23′23″W / 52.033479, -0.389822

Wiki *Bedford County Council * English Heritage Pastscape(1) * English Heritage Pastscape(2) * Centre for Metropolitan History

Benedictine monks (from Milbrook) * fd. 1140/6; * abandoned 1435 * cell of St Albans Abbey in Hertfordshire * reverted to the Crown, the buildings falling into decay thereafter

Bushmead Priory

Bissemede Priory * [The Priory Church of Saint Mary, Bushmead]

52░14′01″N 0░22′03″W/ 52.233480, -0.367530 * TL1360

Wiki * English Heritage, English Heritage_Bushmead * English Heritage Pastscape * British History Online * Britain Express * Bedford Borough Council * Visit Britain * Hertsdirect.org * National Register of Archives

Augustinian Canons Regular * fd. 1195 by Hugh Beauchamp; * dis. 1536 and granted to Sir William Gascoign * mansion built on site (EH) [C]

Caldwell Priory

Cauldwell Priory


British History Online * Pastscape EH

Augustinian Canons Regular * fd. 1153 by Robert of Houghton; * dis. 1536; granted to Thomas Leigh c.1562

Chicksands Priory

Chicksand Priory

52░02′27″N 0░21′59″W / 52.040896, -0.366417 * TL1239

Wiki * British History Online * The British Army * Bedfordshire Libraries * National Register of Archives * Pastscape EH

Gilbertine monks and nuns * fd. 1147 by Pain de Beauchamp and his wife; * dis. 1538 and granted to R. Snow * private house * now in grounds of Military base [E]

Dunstable Friary


51░52′59″N 0░31′17″W / 51.8831074, -0.5214858

British History Online * Britain Express * Bedfordshire Libraries * Pastscape EH

Dominican Friars * fd. 1259; * dis. 1539

Dunstable Priory [Church Use]

Dunstaple Priory * [The Priory Church of Saint Peter, Dunstable]

51░53′10″N 0░31′04″W / 51.886026, -0.517653 * TL0221

Wiki * British History Online * Britain Express * Church of England - A Church Near You * Pastscape EH

Augustinian Canons Regular * fd. 1131 (or ante1125?) by King Henry I; * dis. 1540 and granted to Sir Leonard Chamberlayne * part of church now in parochial use [C]

Elstow Abbey [Church Use]

[The Abbey Church of Saint Mary and Saint Helena, Elstow]

52░06′54″N 0░28′10″W / 52.114947, -0.469502 * TL0547

Wiki * British History Online * Elstow Abbey

Benedictine nuns * fd. 1078 by Judith, neice of William the Conqueror; * dis. 1539; * granted c.1553 to Sir Humphrey Radcliff * part now in use as parish church [C

Greyfriars, Bedford


52░08′20″N 0░28′29″W / 52.1388484, -0.4748422

Wiki * British History Online * Bedfordshire Libraries

Franciscan Friars * fd. 1238 by Mabilea de Plateshull; * dis. c.1539 and granted to John Gostwyke

Grovebury Priory, * Leighton Buzzard

La Grave Priory; * Leighton Buzzard Priory; * Grovesbury Priory


British History Online * National Register of Archives * Pastscape EH

Alien priory (a cell of FontÚvrault) * Benedictine monks * fd. post1189; * dis. 1414 * farmhouse built on site

Hardwick Preceptory




Knights Hospitaller

Harrold Priory

Harwood Priory


British History Online * National Register of Archives * Bedfordshire Libraries

Augustinian nuns * fd. 1138 by Sampson le Forte; * dis. 1536 and granted to William Lord Parr * site occupied by farmhouse and a mansion named 'Harrold Hall'

Markyate Priory

Mergate Priory; * Market-Street Priory


British History Online

Benedictine nuns * fd. 1145 by Ralph, Dean and Chapter of St Paul's; * dis. 1566; granted to George Ferrers * site now occupied by a manor house named 'Markyate Cell' built on priory remains

Melchbourne Preceptory

Melchbourne Priory; * Melchburn Preceptory; * Mechelburn Preceptory

52░16′17″N 0░29′33″W / 52.2712563, -0.4924536

British History Online

Knights Hospitaller * fd. 12thC by Lady Alice de Claremonte, Countess of Pembroke; * dis. c.1550 and granted to John, Earl of Bedford

Milbrook Priory




Benedictine monks * moved to Beadlow

Newnham Priory

Newenham Priory


British History Online * Pastscape EH

Augustinian Canons Regular (from the collegiate church of St. Paul, Bedford) * fd. 1247 by Simon Beauchamp; * dis. 1539/41 and granted to Urian Brereton

Pulloxhill Grange


51░59′40″N 0░27′12″W / 51.994315, -0.453444


Augustinian Canons Regular; * grange of Dunstable Priory

Ruxox Cell


52░00′45″N 0░28′32″W / 52.012428, -0.475647

Pastscape EH

Augustinian Canons Regular * cell for retired brothers from Dunstable * chapel dedicated to St Nicholas

Turvey Abbey [monastic]

[Priory of Our Lady of Peace]

52░09′42″N 0░37′06″W / 52.161705, -0.618389

Wiki * Turvey Abbey * Bedfordshire Libraries

Benedictine nuns As of 2005 in use * adjacent to Benedictine monastery (see immediately below)

Turvey monastery [monastic]

[Monastery of Christ our Saviour]

52░09′41″N 0░37′09″W / 52.161251, -0.619199

Turvey Abbey * Bedfordshire Libraries

Benedictine monks * fd. 1980 in use As of 2005 * adjacent to Benedictine Abbey (see immediately above)

Warden Abbey

Old Warden Abbey * [The Abbey Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Old Warden]

52░04′54″N 0░21′60″W / 52.081749, -0.366583

Wiki * British History Online * Bedfordshire County Council * Cistercians in Yorkshire Project * Pastscape EH

Cistercian monks * fd. 1136 by Walter Espec; * dis. (surrendered by the abbot and monks) 4 December 1538 * Elizabethan house built on site (of which exist only remnants) * renovated 1974 (LT)

Woburn Abbey [No remains]

[The Abbey Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Woburn]

51░58′58″N 0░35′43″W / 51.982858, -0.595365

Wiki * British History Online * Woburn Abbey * Pastscape EH

Cistercian monks (from Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire) * fd. 1145 by Hugh de Bolebec; * dis. 1538 and granted to John Lord Russell * site now occupied by a mansion, estate and safari park


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