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Abbeys and Religious Buildings in Cambridgeshire

We are attempting to list all places where photographers can photograph Abbeys and Religious buildings within the UK, by county. This is the start of a list that will both grow over time and hopefully we will be able to add more columns or information. This same information is also available in alphabetical order.

Where the names in the first column is hyperlinked this links to a Location page with more information on this site and over time more of these will be added, we will be delighted if some of you would like to also produce location pages.

Codes Used on this page

Wiki=Wikipedia  EH = English Heritage  NT=National Trust  PEH = Pastscape  F.=Founded  Dis. Dissolved

Condition: [A] First rate example; [B] Major Remains; [C] Identifiable Remains; [D] Modest Remains;
[E] Little Surviving


Alt. Name * [Formal Name / dedication]

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Communities & history [condition]

Anglesey Priory, * Lode

[The Priory Church of the Blessed Virgin and Saint Nicholas]

5214′14″N 014′20″E / 52.237244, 0.238784 * TL5262

Wiki * British History Online * Sacred Destinations * The Heritage Trail * PEH * NT

Augustinian Canons Regular * fd. 1135 by Henry I; * dis. 1535; granted to John Hynde c.1538; * remains incorporated into private house named 'Anglesey Abbey' 1591 [E]

Barham Friary

Barkham Priory; * Bercham Priory

5221′45″N 020′00″W / 52.3625763, -0.3334093

Linton History.org

Crutched Friars * fd. ante1272; * dis.; granted to Philip Paris c.1539, and later to John Millecent, Esq.

Barnwell Priory Abbey




Lack known monastic connections  -The Church of Saint Andrew-the-Less, Barnwell), built adjacent to former Priory Church, called 'The Abbey Church' [D]

Barnwell Priory,  Cambridge


5212′33″N 008′19″E / 52.209027, 0.13852

British History Online * PEH

Augustinian Canons Regular (from St. Giles, Castle Hill, Lode) * fd. 1092 or c.1112 by Picot, a Norman lord, and his wife; * dis. 1538; granted to Anthony Brown c.1546; granted to Edward, Lord Clinton c.1552 * ruins underwent thorough destruction 1810

Blackfriars, Cambridge [monastic]


5212′50″N 006′33″E / 52.21375, 0.109201

Blackfriars Cambridge

Dominican Friars fd. 1938; -present

Buckden Abbey




lack known monastic connections * Elizabethan mansion

Cambridge - Austin Friary



British History Online

Augustinian Friars * fd. 1092; * trns to Barnwell 1112

Cambridge - Friary of the Sack



British History Online

Friars of the Sack;

Cambridge - St Edmund's Priory

[The Priory Church of Saint Edmund, Cambridge]


British History Online

Gilbertine Canons * fd. ante1291 by 'the bounty or gift of' B. fil. Walteri * dis.; granted to Edward Ebrington (Erlington?) and Humphrey Metcalf c.1543

Cambridge - St Mary's Friars



British History Online

Friars of St Mary 13thC

Cambridge - St Radegund's Priory

[The Priory Church of Saint Mary and Saint Radegund]

5212′33″N 007′29″E / 52.209086, 0.124712

British History Online * Janus * Jesus College, University of Cambridge

Benedictine nuns, cell * fd. by John de Cranden, Prior of Ely * site now occupied by Jesus College, Cambridge

Cambridge Blackfriars



British History Online

Dominican Friars * fd. c.1258; * dis.; granted to Edward Erlington and Humphrey Metcalf c.1543 * Emmanuel College, Cambridge University

Cambridge Grey Friars



British History Online

Franciscan Friars

Cambridge White Friars



British History Online

Carmelite Friars * fd. by Edward I and other nobles; dis.; granted to John Eyer c.1544

Chatteris Abbey

Chateris Abbey

5227′11″N 002′56″E / 52.453057, 0.048851

Wiki * British History Online * JStor * PEH

Benedictine nuns * fd. 1016 (or 980 by Alfwen, wife of Ethelstan, Earl of the East Angles); * dis. 1536; granted to Edward, Lord Clinton c.1551

Chippenham Preceptory



British History Online * Chippenham Village

Knights Hospitaller (under Clerkenwell) * fd. 1184 by William de Mandevill; * dis.; granted to Sir Edward North c.1540

Denny Abbey

Denney Abbey; * Denney Preceptory * [The Abbey Church of Saint James and Saint Leonard, Denny]

5217′40″N 011′13″E / 52.294491, 0.186982 * TL4968

Wiki * Denny Farmland Museum * EH * PEH

Benedictine monks, cell of Ely * fd. 1159; * Knights Templar preceptory fd. 1169 * Franciscan nuns 1308; * dis. 1536; granted to Edward Erlington c.1539, currently part of the Farmland Museum (EH) [B]

Duxford Preceptory



British History Online * EH

Knights Templar 1273

Ely Cathedral Priory [Church Use]

[The Abbey Church of Saint Peter and Saint Etheldreda  * The Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity and Saint Etheldreda]

5223′55″N 015′48″E / 52.398568, 0.263447 * TL5380

Wiki * British History Online * Ely Cathedral *PEH  

?nuns/double monastery * fd. c.673 * secular canons 9thC * Benedictine monks * fd. 970; * dis. 1540 * episcopal diocesan cathedral 1109-present [A]

Fordham Priory [No remains]

[The Priory Church of Saint Peter and Saint Mary Magdalene, Fordham]

5218′03″N 023′22″E / 52.300918, 0.389535

British History Online

Gilbertine Canons fd. ante1227 * site now occupied by private house named 'Fordham Abbey'

Great Wilbraham Preceptory

Wilbraham Temple

5211′52″N 016′15″E / 52.197638, 0.270925

Wiki * British History Online

Knights Templar 13thC

Hinchinbrook Priory



British History Online

Benedictine nuns * site now occupied by Hinchinbrooke House

Ickleton Abbey




Cistercian monks * remains now part of Abbey Farm

Ickleton Priory

Ikelington Priory


British History Online * CRSBI

Benedictine nuns 1190 * now on site of Abbey Farm

Isleham Priory

Linton Priory * [The Priory Church of Saint Margaret, Isleham]

5220′34″N 024′34″E / 52.342758, 0.409412 * TL6474

Wiki * English Heritage & English Heritage * English Heritage Pastscape * CRSBI

Benedictine monks fd. 1086, alien priory; dis. 1414 * granted to Pembroke College, Cambridge which converted the church into a barn and demolished monastery (EH) [D]

Marmont Priory

Mirmaud Priory; * Marmonde Priory; * Welle Priory


National Register of Archives

Gilbertine Canons

Peakirk Monastery

St Pegas Church



F. 1000-1048. United with Corwland Abbey 1053-1065 [D]

Peterborough Cathedral Abbey [Church Use]

Medeshamstede Abbey * [The Cathedral Church of Saint Peter, Saint Paul and Saint Andrew, Peterborough]

5234′21″N 014′22″W / 52.572581, -0.239484 * TL6037

Wiki * British History Online * Peterborough Cathedral * Cathedrals in the East of England * PEH

c.655 * Benedictine monks c.966; dis. 1539 * episcopal diocesan cathedral 1540-present [B]

Ramsey Abbey


5226′56″N 006′08″W / 52.449013, -0.102278 * TL2885

Wiki * Ramsey Abbey * Catholic Encyclopedia * National Trust * PEH

Benedictine monks fd. 969; dis. 1539 (NT) [D]

Sawtry Abbey

Sawtrey Abbey

5225′38″N 014′24″W / 52.427328, -0.239999

British History Online * The County of Huntingdonshire UK * PEH

Cistercian monks (from Warden Abbey) 1147-1536

Shingay Preceptory

Shengay Preceptory fd. 1140


British History Online

Knights Hospitaller

Spinney Abbey

Spinney Priory  * [Priory of St Mary and the Holy Cross]

5219′20″N 016′47″E / 52.322181, 0.279701

Wiki * British History Online

Augustinian Canons Regular, fd. between 1216 and 1228 * absorbed into Ely 1449 * site now occupied by a house and farm

St Ives Priory



British History Online * PEH

Benedictine monks (from Ramsay Abbey) fd. 1017- dis. * house built on site

St Neots Priory

[The Priory Church of Saint Neot, St Neots]


Wiki * British History Online * English Heritage Pastscape

Benedictine monks, cell of Ely 974 * cell of Bec 1113-dissolution [E]

Stonely Priory

[The Priory Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Stonely]


British History Online

Augustinian Canons Regular c.1180

Swaffham Bulbeck Priory

Swaffham Nunnery * Swafam Nunnery * [The Nunnery of Saint Mary, Swaffham]


British History Online * Cambridgeshire Collection * GenUKI

Benedictine nuns fd. probably late 12thC [E]

Swavesey Priory



British History Online

Benedictine monks, alien house * a private residence named 'The Priory' is supposedly situated on or near the site [C]

Thorney Abbey [Church Use]

[The Priory Church of Saint Mary and Saint Botulph, Thorney]


Wiki * British History Online * Welcome to Thorney * Thorney Abbey * Cambridge Collection * Catholic Encyclopedia * Archives Hub * PEH

anchorites or hermits -ante972 * Benedictine monks fd. 972; dis. 1539 * church now in parochial use [C]

Waterbeach Abbey



British History Online * PEH

Benedictine minoresses


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