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Abbeys and Religious Buildings in Devon

We are attempting to list all places where photographers can photograph Abbeys and Religious buildings within the UK, by county. This is the start of a list that will both grow over time and hopefully we will be able to add more columns or information. This same information is also available in alphabetical order.

Where the names in the first column is hyperlinked this links to a Location page with more information on this site and over time more of these will be added, we will be delighted if some of you would like to also produce location pages.

Codes Used on this page

Wiki=Wikipedia  EH=English Heritage  NT=National Trust  PEH=Pastscape  F.=Founded  Dis.=Dissolved

Condition: [A] First rate example; [B] Major Remains; [C] Identifiable Remains; [D] Modest Remains;
[E] Little Surviving


Alt. Name * [Formal Name / dedication]

Location Grid
Ref   or Lat/long

Website Links

Communities & history [condition]

Axmouth Priory



Monastic Matxix

Benedictine monks, alien priory

Barnstaple Priory

[The Priory Church of Saint Mary Magdalene, Barnstaple]



Cluniac monks * dis. 1535

Bodmiscombe Preceptory




Knights Templar

Brightley Priory




Cistercian monks

Buckfast Abbey [monastic]

[The Abbey Church of Our Lady, Buckfast]


Buckfast Abbey * Wiki

Savignac from Savigny * fd. 1136 * built on site of Benedictine monastery (see immediately above) * merged with Cistercian order 1148 * Cistercian monks 1148; * dis. 1539 * Benedictine 1882-present [A]

Buckfast monastery




Benedictine monks, Buckfast Abbey (see immediately below) built on site

Buckland Abbey



Wiki * NT

Cistercian monks from Quarr 1278 dis. 1539 [E]

Canonsleigh Abbey [Reused]

Leigh Abbey



Augustinian Canons Regular priory 12thC * Augustinian nuns abbey * fd. * 1284; * dis. 1539 * remains now incorporated into farm buildings

Chudleigh Abbey [monastic]

[The Abbey Church of Saint Bridget of Syon, Chudleigh]



Brigittine nuns

Churchill monastery




uncertain order and foundation

Cornworthy Priory

Court Prior



Augustinian nuns * fd. 1205/1238 [E]

Cowick Priory




Benedictine monks, cell of Bec

Dartmouth Friary




Augustinian Friars

Denbury Grange





Dunkeswell Abbey




Cistercian monks * fd. 1301; dis. 1539 * site now occupied by Holy Trinity Church 1842 [E]

Exeter - Polsloe Priory

[The Priory Church of Saint Katherine, Polsloe, Exeter]



Benedictine nuns * fd. c.1160; * dis. 1536 * largely demolished, remaining range converted into country house

Exeter - St Nicolas Priory

St Nicholas Priory * [The Priory Church of Saint Nicolas, Exeter]

5043′19″N 332′06″W / 50.721847, -3.53505 * SX9292

English Heritage Pastscape * Exeter City Council * Exeter Memories * Sacred Destinations * Britannia.com

Benedictine monks * fd. 1087 from Battle; * dis. 1536 * private houses built on site 1820 * monastic architecture restored * in ownership of Exeter Corporation 1913 * open to public as a museum 1916; * (closed for repair until 2008) [ C]

Exeter Black Friary




Dominican Friars

Exeter Cathedral Priory [Church Use]

[The Priory Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Peter * The Cathedral Church of Saint Peter in Exeter]

5043′21″N 331′47″W / 50.722476, -3.529796

Wiki * Exeter Cathedral

fd. ?ante c.690 * 'Benedictine' monks 932 * secular canons 1050 * diocesan cathedral 1050-present

Exeter Grey Friary




Franciscan Friars

Exeter Priory




Cluniac monks

Frithelstock Priory


5057′18″N 411′19″W / 50.955019, -4.188575 * SS4619


Augustinian Canons Regular * fd. c.1220; * dis. 1536 [C]

Hartland Abbey




Augustinian Canons Regular F.1165 Dis.1539 [E]

Indio monastery




uncertain order and foundation

Ipplepen Priory




Augustinian Canons Regular

Ivybridge Priory [monastic]




Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary (from St. Quay) 1910 * Augustinian (Augustinian Recollect) 1932-present, originally 'Cadleigh House'

Kerswell Priory




Cluniac monks

Marsh Barton Priory




Augustinian Canons Regular

Modbury Priory




Benedictine monks

Newenham Priory




Cistercian monks

Otterton Priory




Benedictine monks

Pilton Priory




Benedictine monks

Plymouth Black Friary




Dominican Friars 1431 * site now occupied by the Black Friars Distillery

Plymouth Grey Friary




Carmelite Friars

Plymouth White Friary




Carmelite Friars

Plympton Priory

[The Priory Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Plympton]



Augustinian Canons Regular * fd. 904; * dis. 1539 [E]

Polsloe Priory




Benedictine nuns. Remains in farmhouse [E]

Sidmouth Priory




Benedictine monks

Tavistock Abbey


5032′58″N 408′40″W / 50.549396, -4.144501 * SX4774

Wiki * Catholic Encyclopedia * Devon Online * Devon County Council * Britannia.com

Benedictine monks * fd. 961/974; * dis. 1539 * mansion built on site, now 'The Bedford Hotel' [D]

Teignmouth Abbey [monastic]

[The Abbey Church of Saint Scholastica, Teignmouth]

5033′25″N 329′25″W / 50.556879, -3.4903


Benedictine nuns * (fd. Dunkirk, Flanders 1662, daughter house of Ghent) moved from Hammersmith 1862)

Torre Abbey




Premonstratensian Canons from Welbeck * fd. 1196 dis. 1539 * country house built on site, now in ownership of Torbay Corporation [B]

Totnes Priory




Benedictine monks [E]

Totnes Priory




Cluniac monks


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