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Key to Creative Commons symbols

The images and links on the page below is copied directly from the press area of the Creative Commons website, this has been done to make it easier to collect the graphic images.

The images below all load directly from the Creative Commons website, and are not held on our system,. Unlike the images on the key page, which are copies we have downloaded and indexed on our server. If the images that should show below do not then try another time or go back to our key page and right click on our copies and use 'save picture as' to take copies from our copies. There are more below than we have on the key page.

To get copies of images:-

To get a straight copy of the image the same size as you see below, just right click on the image on this page and select 'save picture as', clicking on the letters under the images shows you an image in a specific file format, in some cases this will load in a  particular program or reader type and others into a browser window allowing it also to be saved with right click and 'save picture as'. In these cases you will get large art quality images and you can resize this in whatever software you use to your own preferred size.


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