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Access Rights in the UK and Photographic Limitations, Legal & other restrictions in detail.


Rights Managed Licensing for Stock Photography - what it is, what the image might be used for, who uses them, what fees are likely to be earned, and more.

Copyright and Photographers - We look at copyright in relation to photographs, and and give you a good background in the subject, without getting too complicated.

Should I Mark my Images with Copyright Information. This is a quick response to a query we had on one of our training days. It looks at why you might want to consider it or not.

Rights in relation to magazines - When you grant rights for a magazine to use either your photos or articles, what is it that you are granting, what types of rights are there and what do they each mean. 

Creative commons

Creative Commons  Making your work available without fees, but reserving some rights. 

Creative commons - a key to licences and symbols

Creative commons artwork sources 


Restrictions on wildlife photography, - legal restrictions on photographers.

The Law in the UK and Kite Aerial Photography - what can be done and at what point you need permission to do this type of photography.

The Law and UK Wild Plants

Business Structures


Limited Companies

Naming your business


List of Insurance companies

Photographic Insurance

Travel Insurance



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