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Sunrise, sunset, Moon phase, rise and set

Probably the easiest sun and moon calendar, with a choice of many cities around the world, a choice of three types of twilight. All major UK cities are shown, the listing is USA locations then all international locations mixed up.  You can create a month calendar going a long time into the future.

Croydon observatory Link to PDF file showing sunrise, set, twilight, moon rise, falls and much more.

Moon phase for any date in time 1951-2015

Moon phase calculator any date 1900 to 2100

Moon rise and set anywhere in the world but you need to know the locations latitude and longitude, and time zone.

Royal observatory, Edinburgh, sun and moon from anywhere, complex but does link to sources to get all the data.

Calendar with moon phases if wanted, and local holidays etc, year or month, plus printer friendly formats, many options including different places. You can take years backwards or forwards a very long way, why not put your birth year in.




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