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Reference and Organisation

Lists and articles, if not in this section can be found within the topic classification or the alpha index.

Reference Introduction

Tourism and local information

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Tourism and local information links

Shows and events

Focus Show 2010 Report

Focus-On-Imaging Show 2009 Review

What To Look Out For at Focus 2009

Focus on Imaging 2008 A highlighted tour with many links.

What to look out for at the Focus on Imaging Show - Feb 2008

Focus On Imaging annual UK Photographic Show. Advance information.

Moving about...>

Maps and Aerial Images

Public Transport

Roads and Traffic



Weather, tides, sunrise, sunset, calendars, time and telephones ...>

Photography reference ...>

Reviews ...>

Latest firmware and software versions ...>

see also photography topics section ...>

Calculators includes many converters ...>

Controlling costs...>

Wildlife and Nature...>

Local and Family History

Local History

Archives and Record Offices

The History of How Counties Came About

County Codes

County Code List 

Magazines ...>

Bookshop ...>

Glossary ...>


Photographic Insurance

List of Insurance companies

Travel Insurance

Businesses and organisations

Support Contacts


Nikon links

Authorised Nikon Repairers in the UK

Adobe and Photoshop links

Specialist software

Online Dealers

Classified Business links

Classified organisation links




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