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An Introduction

We all know there is an enormous amount of useful information on the web, but can we easily find it when we want it, and do we make the most of what is available. While our reference section will have some pages created by us,  the majority of the contents are selected links to other resources.

Lets take for example planning a holiday, where we hope to get the opportunity to take photographs, with day trips and more available, what might we like to know, perhaps the climate, perhaps the tide times and heights, when we are going to be there,  perhaps we might like to know what stage the moon will be in if we are planning any night time scenic shots, and also if any national holidays are at that time. Nearer the time we want to know what the weather is actually like, so we take the right clothing, and perhaps what the weather is predicted to be like.  You will find that you can get all of this information from links within our reference section for any point in the world.

Travelling around the UK, you may want to see public transport availability, what is involved in changing from one form to another, perhaps travelling across a town from one station to another. If you are driving you may like to see a map, get directions, see where car parks are located and what road works you are likely to encounter. You might also like to know the weather and even perhaps what flood warnings are in place. Perhaps you also want to look at tourism information to make sure there is nothing in the area or one that you are travelling through that might be worth adding to your plan.

Thinking of buying photographic equipment and you might want to compare prices with a number of online suppliers, perhaps get information on the technical specifications and later you may need the support contacts and telephone numbers.

All of this and more we already have within the reference section, and over the weeks we will be adding more, in some cases just to strengthen or extend sections, in some cases where articles have looked at a subject and we felt that a range of supporting information would be helpful.

The locations section also will grow week on week, looking at a number of locations you could visit. The diary section tells you what is on, when and where as well as some more major long term, information.



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