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Remote view and take plus more in one convenient unit - the S2 Live is for cameras with Liveview, while the S2 is for others. This replaces a cable release, 90 degree viewfinder and adds yet more capability, with motion detection and long exposure control.


Image above is the S2 Live model

Zigview S2 and Zigview S2 Live, are remote cables that also allow you to see the image through the camera. With the S2 you have a small camera unit that looks through the eyepiece of the camera and sends this to a 2.5 inch display that can be connected and turned at different angles or viewed on the end of a cable.

The S2 live unit (above) is for the later cameras that have Liveview capability and therefore it is able to take a feed directly from the camera without needing to have a TV camera looking through the eyepiece. The supplied cable allows it to be up to 6 metres from the camera but you can add longer cables to give ranges up to 100 metres.

Both units, in addition to displaying the image and having a button to allow images to be taken on the camera, have the ability to set areas that when they detect movements will automatically take photographs. You can also do interval timed photography and use it for timed long exposures. It is available to fit many cameras, and kits often now have all the various cables and connectors you may need, but you do need to check that the version you are buying includes the relevant cable to connect to the 10 pin or equivalent connector to allow images to be taken, as some options sell the equipment in parts and this is an extra.

S2 model

The S2 live has a 2.5 inch high resolution screen, being a little small, the Hoodman Loupe  may prove a useful unit to use with it. You can also output from the unit onto a portable TV in NTSC or PAL format. The S2 live will work with Nikon D3, D300, D700, D3X, Canon 450D, 40D, 1DMK III, 1DsMK III, Sony a350, a300, Samsung GT-20, and maybe other later models by these manufacturers that have Liveview.

They replace the need for a cable release, a 90 degree viewfinder and add extra functions that you would not normally have.

The price of the S2 with the connecting cable is about 235 (03/2009).

The S2 Live is from around 159 including all connectors, the price of this varies between suppliers. (03/2009)

More information

Zigview products are produced by Seculine in Korea.

Further information

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