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Falls of Glomach

Dorusduain, Rossshire, Scotland

Location Guide

Said to have the largest single drop and to be the most magnificent waterfall in Britain, it drops 370ft.


Getting to it requires you to take a moderate walk with a round trip journey of around 7.5 miles, which would take most people 4 to 6 hours in this terrain. Details of this walk is below.


When you get there you look carefully over the edge to a long drop, its a long way down and you can't see most of the waterfall.


Image on right is from Geograph

It is said to be impossible to photograph all of it. Now that's a challenge.

The picture on the right is the largest section of the waterfall I can find, and this shows less than 25% of the height.


The falls border Kintail, donated to the National Trust for Scotland in 1944 and subsequently incorporating West Affric in 1993.

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See Larger Image

From above Nigel Brown
Notice the rainbow effect created by the mist

Don't fall in!!!  If you went over this fall it would be 370ft before you were on the ground again.

  Sarah Charlesworth  

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Walking Route

You need Ordnance Survey Explorer no 414, or to have printed out all the areas around the route from the internet. Plus someone who is good at reading maps.

You need to be equipped and confident at hill walking.

Start from the Forestry Commission car park, Dorusduain NG977222   StreetMap

To get to the car park:- Turn off the A87 at Morvich, and just north of the Croe bridge take the private minor road up Strath Croe (Ignore the sign indicating the Falls of Glomach car park which does not indicate this road and makes for a longer walk). The road passes Lienassie Farm and has a height restriction before reaching the Forestry Commission car park at the end of the road.

There is a sign in the car park indicating 'Falls of Glomach - 4 miles', follow the track which slopes uphill slightly from here.

Keep right where another track leads off left and continue up the valley.

Soon another track joins in from the right.

Further on the track forks, take the right fork and cross the bridge.

Near the top of the plantation, cross back over the river and follow the clear path which heads off uphill out of the forest. The excellent stalkers path now heads uphill, keeping to the left side of the valley above the river.

At the head of the valley the path climbs out and crosses the bare bealach with good views. Continue on the path, which undulates for a while.

A sign before the gorge indicates that it is dangerous to proceed further, but most visitors will continue very carefully down to a peer down ledge which has a terrific view of the great falls, where the Allt a' Ghlomaich tumbles in two great leaps down into an awesome gorge.

To return to Strath Croe, retrace your steps.

Stream above and top of the falls. Sarah Charlesworth

Location: Falls of Glomach, Dorusduain, Rossshire, Scotland

Grid Reference: NH018256 Ceremonial County: Ross-shire

Map Link: StreetMap

Aerial photo:

Getting there: Round trip on foot of about 7.5 miles from Morvich

Website: National Trust Scotland
Other Useful Websites: Wiki  details of walk to it
Postcode: Telephone:
Opening Times: All Year

Charges: Free

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