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CC+ means the images are available for use under the Creative Commons licence, you can use them in this case providing that you:

  • Are not using them in a commercial product

  • Copy and use the image as it is, (you may reduce the size)

  • You must mark it as, some rights reserved and link the image or CC+ symbol to this page  www.photographers-resource.co.uk/symbols/cc

  • The plus indicates that you will be able to use this image for commercial use, if you agree a fee with us, contact us saying how it is to be used and make a financial offer for its use. (As a guide 25 for website use and 99 for printed works using the website images, picture library rates for larger res images by disc or email attachments).

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You can find an article on Creative Commons licensing on the newsletter website under 'Articles: Legal aspects of photography'

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Creative Commons licence:-

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.



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