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Tide Tables

Tides are caused by the gravity of the moon,  they occur about every 12.5 to 13 hour's, so twice a day, but in some locations the tide can go around an island or for some other reason you can end up with 4 or more tides, rather than just two. You get different tide heights in the lunar cycle but these can be increased by onshore winds. Some flat areas can become very dangerous when the tide comes in very rapidly.

UK and Irish tidal predictions 28 days forward

UK Admiralty easytide A few days but very many places, UK and around the world.

BBC tidal predictions - a few days

Climbers Club - England, Wales and Scotland, only 26 places but very long time ahead is possible.

Index of tidal tables for very many locations in the northern hemisphere, excluding Japan and the USA - large - takes some time to load and then links to individual pages.

Same for:-

Japan and nearby sites (North to South)

U.S. Upper East Coast (Maine through Virginia)

U.S. Lower East Coast (North Carolina through Florida Keys)

U.S. Gulf Coast sites (East to West)

U.S. West Coast sites (North to South)

Alphabetic list of all tidal height sites (large 2MB page)

Alphabetic list of all current speed sites

Long term prediction around the world

The initial prediction is about five days , but further down the page you can select a month, year or different start date, use the map to identify places available. The number of places is not as large as some, but you can get a longer term, so for example you could look at aviations between points on easytide, and adjust the predictions on this system to get a more local prediction a long time ahead. World map of tidal prediction 


Severn Bore and Trent Aegir  Tidal waves occurring on some dates, details, viewing locations and times. The Severn bore, can be up to 7ft high and is one of the worlds finest, often occurs on other dates as well, and the times predicted are often not that near, it can occur up to an hour or so after the prediction, and travels for about 25 miles. The water comes in fast and rises for up to an hour after, gaining considerable height, the tidal range can be up to 15 metres, so if the river seems a few feet down imagine where it will be when its 50ft higher. Be careful you do not get cut off, the water can also come up streams and appear from behind you in some locations. The Trent Aegir can be up to 4ft high, and said to be highest early mornings in September and October. Bores do occur in other locations, the worlds largest is in China at over 30ft high.


Ships Position

You can see the current position of all major ships, including cruise ships, in each case you can zoom in and out on the maps to see more detail.

Map of the world with all ships marked

Just cruise ships shown

Just research ships

Find specific ship


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