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MAGAZINE:  Today's Railways

Address:   Platform 5 Publishing, 3 Wyvern House, Sark Road, Sheffield, S2 4HG

Telephone:   0114 255 2625

Editor:   Peter Fox

Email:  editorial@platform5.com

Publication Frequency:  Monthly

Description:  Covering the contemporary British railway scene aimed at rail professionals and enthusiasts.

Today's Railways UK

		<b>TODAY'S RAILWAYS</b> is your complete guide to European Railways. Each issue contains many color photos...


Photographs:   Digital files preferred of news pictures relating to current or planned UK rail operations, with detailed captions and stories. Stock material may be of interest send detailed lists first.

Articles:   Feature suggestions always considered for those with detailed knowledge of subject.

Freelance Potential:    Limited as much is sourced from industry sources.

Other Notes:  Always contact editor before submitting.



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