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Further Information on filters

On this page we have included other links and helpful/useful items that you may be interested in taking a look at.

If you have arrived at this page via a search engine then select the page Filters - What you need to see the items you may like to consider, this short article links to very many more specialist articles on different filter types, and it would be advisable to start with the information available from these. Alternatively take the section header above to get to the filter section, or photography, and then filters to get this system to fully display, if you don't have the website name on the top and contents on the left.


Photographic courses that are provided by Camera Images or Photography Skills Masterclasses.

Exposure Masterclass by Photography skills. A day 1 to 1 looking at exposure in detail, including the use of graduated filters.

Camera Images have several day and short (3 hour) courses covering a range of these topics, but you can also ask them to cover your own list of specific choice topics, so perhaps spending a day or a few days covering a range of these. Camera Images will also do practical field training, going out with you to take photos, getting the best from the situation, using a combination of your equipment or theirs. All training is 1 to 1 so you achieve both far more and a better understanding, as well as having all your questions answered and getting first hand to handle and undertake items yourself. This works out far more cost effective than group training as you need fewer days. You also save a lot on travelling, accommodation etc that would need to be spent to cover half as much over a longer group course.


We have a selection of books on this topic here. If you can't find what you are looking for here then visit our online bookshop.


Website Links

Filter manufacturers


Lee filters






  • KenKo does not appear to have a website in English covering its products. UK imports is through Intro 2020, who don't list filters on their site, but many dealers offer these, as far as I am aware only round screw on filters are marketed.

SRB Griturn


Wikipeadia articles




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