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Article - Introducing a Model


Hannah is 17 and currently a student. She is one of the models on the Camera Images model register and you may get to meet her when on a training course with us.

You may come across Hannah on some of the Camera Images one to one 'Gold' or longer day courses, where they incorporate the use of a model, like the CLG - Flash and Creative Lighting where they are used to demonstrate the use of flash and technical issues associated with studio lighting. Or on a tailored multi day course where you have chosen to do portraiture as part of your time with us, she will be used to demonstrate the technical issues. All of our models have received training by us.

But you may also get to photograph her on one of the Photo Skills Flash and Studio training days, where models are used for studio demonstrations.

Our models are also used when people book extra sessions to gain experience which can include 'Shorts' or where they are building portfolios. We try to select the best model that is available to suit the individual needs. By having a range of models we can also both cope with the photographers needs and fit in with other commitments that the models have.

The photographs here were taken on one of her training sessions with us, but also when she was taking part in a tailored multi day course for a client who was in the process of starting a Portraiture business.


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