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Can you help ?

Can you help us to improve further this free resource for photographers and others who will benefit from the information we can provide.

This website is produced by enthusiasts and volunteers, there is no subscription and we don't see any major income coming from this. We do have a bookshop linked up that if we are lucky may cover the postage costs, and have some Google adverts, but expect to spend more on promoting this site than advertising revenue produces. We are also looking for other advertisers/sponsors to help us cover some costs, so we can provide even more, however all the writing, research, checking out locations by visiting them and taking of photographs needs to be done by those of us who want to see this free resource continue to grow.

We put in a number of days each week, evenings, weekends and every minute we are not out taking photographs to take superb photographs in developing this website. Producing an online magazine each month, researching the diary, so we can all see what is going on and what could be photographed, plus of course we always get a collection of new location guides produced. Besides this we have a range of projects running in order to produce the specialist featured editions. So the only way for us to do more would be if we could change the calendar to get more days into each week. So we really do need to involve others and any amount you can do, from an occasional visit to check out a location, to helping out with a topic, would be appreciated, not only by us but by all the others who are taking advantage of this system.

We have a number types of information and a guide on producing each.

The general guide to producing this can be found by clicking here,  this provides general information and advice and links to specifications for each type of page, and these are also available from the links below.

Featured Location, a location guide that contains a lot of information including photographs. Symbol is an EYE, well worth a look at. To be a featured guide we need to be able to fill in most of the grids, have photographs so those looking can see what is there and be fairly confident the information is correct. Ideally it will have been visited by someone to check it all out, and to get some up to date photos. Specification
Location, a location guide with a lot of information, including large grids, but is not yet up to featured status. Symbol is a map pin. In some cases we are just missing a photograph, or we don't know of anyone yet visiting it to check it out. Specification
Quick Location Guide, smaller amount of information, with a link to tell you where you can find out more.  With some this is all that is required, in other cases, we will in the future expand these to become location guides or featured location guides. Symbol is a timer, indicating these are quick guides.

Over time these will also be used to populate the site far faster, increasing the volume of places covered, but also often when we come across other places nearby that we can capture some information on at the time. With features likewise we often cannot cover every location, and we should be able to get far more covered by including some as quick guides.

Route Guide, a guide that includes a route or local area including a number of locations, for example a path, canal or a local area guide. Symbol is a compass.

This page has very small grids for each place mentioned along the route, and would link to the other location guide types above to provide in depth coverage on some places. A route guide is more than a list and is geographically connected, either by being a  physical journey or linear feature, but could also be an area with nearby items detailed.

List   Often a list of a type of location, usually linked to other location guides or external information or both. Usually a link on the title of items in the list are linked within our site, for example to location guides, and links to the right are external. In some cases we donít have links just information, and in particular with longer lists of locations, where we have defined a type and location, so are at this point identifying the location and often the grid reference or a map link. As featured topics are covered these will usually include a list page linking you to all the locations mentioned.

For featured topics, often the list is the first page we produce, this allows us to work out what locations are included in this topic, and identifies the size of the task ahead as well as allowing us to see how easy or hard it is to find information. We find a fair amount of duplication, the same item being known by several names, and within this list we can usually identify this.

Other lists occur to support articles or give lists of links, for example a list of reference information or list of suppliers. Generally the same rules are being used, in that items linked by title are internal, links on the right are external.

Article Ė identifies that the page contains an article we have produced. The symbol is of a jigsaw piece as all knowledge is like pieces of a jigsaw, and you need to gain a collection of knowledge for the picture to make more sense.

Articles cover photographic topics, but also other areas, particularly giving good background information. We have articles on specific birds and animals, on plants, on interests, on historic items, or situations and legends.

If you want to produce articles outside of this, then ask, the idea that you have had may well be one that we would like to have undertaken had the time been available.

Article Template

Html version

Zipped version

Visiting Locations

Things change, so as well as creating these guides and checking them out to start we also need to update them. So even if you feel that becoming involved in writing guides is beyond the time you can put in, then at least while visiting them, check out the details and let us know of any errors found or changes that have occurred.

If we don't have photographs for a location, or you have produced something far better, then please consider allowing us to use them.

Reference Support Information

You will find a wide range of links within our reference section.


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