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Introduction to Helping Us

Also including helping us to help you, and advertising.

Photographers Resource is run by a non profit company, and was not devised as a means to create income or employment, most of the work being done by volunteer contributors. In this section you can find out about becoming a contributor, see the work identified by contributors (from issue 64). You can also see how you can sponsor a section or make a donation to help us cover ours costs.

Helping us

Contributors are the life blood of this site, and if we had more we would be able to take on more, grow our resources faster and add more sections and features. We are not short of ideas, but limited in what we can do with the available hours and other resources. However I am sure you will agree what we have achieved is a credit to our hard working contributors, and from issue 64 we have identified articles, location guides and other work, and indexed this up, so if you enjoy an article or place featured you can find more by the same contributor. You can get to this by clicking on the contributors name in an article or location guide, or by taking the 'By' button at the top of every page that is a part of the indexes or from this section.

If you would like to become a contributor, with a single article or location guide, a number or taking on a more demanding project, regular feature or topic area, then you would be most welcome and from the Becoming a Contributor button you can get to a range of pages and templates to a assist you. Once you have submitted  something you will also get a direct link to allow you to see your formatted items before they become live.

Contributors provide the text and or photos, we arrange the layout and editing, so you don't need any computer or internet knowledge. So this is something that just about anyone, who wants to, could become involved in.

Other ways you could help would be by a donation, large or small, all are very gratefully received,  we have a page on donations.

Sponsorship could be a semi-commercial action, that might come more under the 'helping us to help you' title, but it may just be that you see a need and don't have the time to make it come about, and would like us to, then perhaps you could sponsor this so that we can do it. Again we have a page on sponsorship.

Helping us to help you

We see nothing wrong with you helping us so that it helps yourself and ALL publications, broadcasters and the like do this by taking items for review, accepting hospitality or similar. Even in movies and other visual art forms there is product placement, vehicles or other items provided so that you get to see them in action. Without this it would be just about impractical to carry our reviews or include as many places and facilities. Although we do borrow and some contributors do write up what they have purchased.

Although the non profit publisher does not take advertising, it was identified as a means of sponsorship that was necessary, and as we thought this was not an area volunteers would wish to help with, we did a deal, allowing a sponsor to cover a range of our website hosting and other costs in exchange for being able to handle and include a limited amount of advertising within our site.

We only do what we can afford to, in the current financial climate this makes particular sense, so the more we can raise, and the more help we get in other forms, the more we can include and the better and more complete our coverage.

From the menu bar on the left, you can get to a range of articles on these areas, if you cannot see the bar then click here to reload the frame set. Start with the article on Promotion, this links to most of the others, and provides a quick introduction.


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