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March brings the wind so cold and chill


Look out for animals emerging from their hibernation, slightly dazed but drawn by the prospect of their first proper meal for what must seem like months. The first insects hatch, some butterflies take to the air, honeybees venture from their hive, a queen bumblebee will be scouring the undergrowth for a suitable nesting place. Waders and wildfowl start to leave us and make their journey back north to their breeding grounds.

What to See Where to See and comment What it looks like
Birds of Prey You may have seen them in the earlier months of the year soaring over the countryside looking for their next meal.  
Hares The mad March Hare (female) boxing, trying to keep that over bearing male from taking advantage until she is ready. It can happen any month, but with vegetation short this time of year it can give a good view  
Willow Warbler Start to build their nests  
Mute swans Start to build their nests for the coming months brood.
Skylark Listen out for the song of the Skylark  
Coots Squabbling  
Cuckoo Early Cuckoos may be seen, they are coming to invade another's nest.

Wheatear who left our shores during the cold winter months have returned and can be found on our headlands.  


Everything is starting to wake up, leaves unfurl and flowers blossom and become highlighted in the sunshine.

What to See Where to See and comment What it looks like
Daffodils Nod in the breeze in woodland, on river banks, banks along the side of roads.

Daffodils can be found in the UK countryside any time from late February to early April. The exact flowering date will depend on the weather, a warm spring will prompt the flowers to come out earlier.

For a list of some places throughout the UK where you may get a chance to photograph, besides your own garden of course, take a look here.

Blackthorn Flowers white flowers appear on bare twigs  
Catkins hang from branches in woods, spinneys and hedgerows  
Wood anemones    


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